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CO2 emission reduction and recapture are not going to cool Earth quick enough, so welcome this is a website dedicated to the enhancement of global albedo. Albedo is the reflective power of a Earth. The amount of radiation a Earth’s surface sends back to where it came from differs quite a lot from place to place. White snow has the highest Albedo and black soil and open water the lowest. This matters because it is by absorbing radiation from the Sun that the Earth warms up. The more Earth reflects, the cooler it will stay.

Albedo is the reflective property of the Earth surface. If it is highly reflective the heat does not stay on Earth but leaves into space, cooling the surface.

The albedo value is expressed in a number that is 1 when all light is reflected and 0 when all light is absorbed. below is a list of materials and their albedo.

More on Calculating Albedo Effect

Corrugated Roof0.1-0.15
Polished aluminium0.99
Desert sand0.4
white gypsum0.85
Special polymer paint0.98
Special foams0.75
Different materials have different albedo. Some specialized materials have been developed. Silver mirrors are most reflective.

Now that the CO2 concentration is rising, the atmosphere is not letting as much heat radiate out to space as it used to, and this is changing climate. By enhancing Albedo we can help Earth shed the heat it is accumulating. This is very important for life, especially of plants, that we need to capture back the CO2.

The importance of white surfaces for cooling has been known for many years..

If we work around the world to increase Albedo where we are we can regain control over our environment, and cool it down to where it can both produce food and capture CO2. This website is to help you find the best way where you are. There are new materials with 95%+ reflectance, and we hope we can make those widely available or instruct you how to maximize the effectiveness of the materials you use. The important thing is to start looking for opportunities to use white surfaces, because they also save a lot of aircondioning emissions.

“An experiment conducted in western Athens found that brightening of asphalt and concrete pavements reduced ambient temperature by 7.5 degrees and 6.1 degrees Celsius respectively.” (link)

A NASA analysis of the albedo of Earth without clouds. Its 0.3 on average. Oceans have really low albedo, and thus there is massive potential to reduce warming.

“A recent study in Los Angeles County analyzed the energy savings of modestly increasing roof albedo, finding that this could produce savings from reduced energy use of 23% to 40%, making cool roofs a financially attractive option.”

Source The performances show that the bilayer paint design can achieve both color and efficient radiative cooling in a simple, inexpensive, and scalable manner.

How to calculate Albedo

Patent for highly reflective polymer 1

Patent for highly reflective polymer 2