CO2 drifting out of reach..

We are facing tremendous problems and are seeing serious consequences of the global CO2 concentration rise. Still because many of the people that read this will be stuck in an economic dependency, our hands are tied except if we are willing to part with money or our freedom. This is not going to give us the agility we need at this time, because we need to hurry up, step up. We need to capture the CO2 while it is still in the lower atmosphere.

The easiest way to understand we need to hurry is to compare it to dripping ink into a swimming pool. Once you dripped it in it will spread, and if you can only reach the surface of the pool with your clean up device (just like we can only reach a small part of our atmosphere from the ground) you have to wait and hope the water circulates so you can clean out all the ink eventually. If you drop in a lot of ink you want to clean it up fast, before it mixes into the deeper water. CO2 is now mixing into a pool of 16 km high covernig our globe, and we are on average only reaching 50 meters up with our trees.

Covid19 is now serving two agenda’s, on the one hand it is helping pro fossil right wing people restrict climate action and organization, motivation while at the same time making it easier to indoctrinate people through the media and make them do other tricks. On the other the climate conscious will sieze the opportunity to reduce travel and consumption in general. Even global food logistics is under (righteous) fire from China, the country claims we can catch Covid19 from frozen seafood for example. A collaps in seafood demand and capture would be a good thing!