Startup Police

This page is dedicated to monitoring startups, because some startups are not meant to make a product but to lock it up and keep it off the market. Some starups are just sucking money from investors for years without doing much more than make a prototype.

There are several reasons to expect failure in startups

  1. The product will reduce bank (energy) cashflow
  2. The product concept just attracts a lot of money
  3. The technology competes with a high cashflow product
  4. The technology is not real
  5. They where created by multi billion dollar companies

Startups from universities are usually already secondary to the real invention, but the people of the university may not know it. Universities do a lot of research and invention that is repetition, they even repatent old concepts, mainly because they too have cashflow concerns. Often univesities help protect bank fossil energy cashflow.

This pages does not claim there is anything wrong with these companies or their intentions, but just wants to see if their activities are going anywhere, as should be expected from startups.


Sadly if startups have failed convincingly, the concept has been discredited enough and it can go away completely. All traces of a startup like that will be wiped of the web, depending on the difficulty of the concept, to reduce anyone trying it again. This has been done with freeze desalination for example. Same for ionic desalination. Because the RO cashflow is so big.

Startups here will be mostly in the sectors that affect bank cashflow, so EVs and Renewable Energy and Energy Storage. These are the companies that I have observed experience the most headwinds and fakery.

Startup criteria

Criteria will be elaborated on as this page is expanded. Below will be a list of startups I am monitoring. If you have suggestions let me know. As there is more to say about a company or product I will dedicate a page to each company, a file so to say.

If your startup is using funds, asking for investment, applying for patents and consuming money you become fair game.

If your startup produces and is getting happy customers you are 100% in the clear.

You can send your suggestion for startups to police to

Watch list



Ampyx Power (dead)


Dutch Rainmaker

Lucid Motors