After Jobs, Health and Happiness, or how the Roboeconomy will reshape society.

We are rapidly approaching an era of gigantic jobloss. AI will replace many jobs as it gets cheaper. Robots will be doing jobs because every manufacturer can get them. This process is unavoidable because the global market is at the same time funded by a small number of wealthy people, who buy stuff from companies that compete agains many others, who are incentiviced to eliminate human assistence in the production process.

The empoverishing effect of automatic production is already ongoing. When before the economy valued a person for its skills and its ability to destroy products, it will now only be valued for the latter talent. Producers want you to destroy their product the faster and more often the better. This can clearly be seen when we look at throw away items, plastic packageing. If a product lasts beyond our sens of purchase it can break down, even though some products who need to last (like outdoor gear and stage pianos) are much more appreciated.

But what will it mean for humans. It means there will be less opportunity to feed at the economic trough. Luckily we are in a transition that will anihilate the economic system, because it is based on the desire to maximize the fossil fuel cashflow, and this cashflow is drying up due to the increased use of renewables. Instead of globally flowing fossil fuels, we will see locally havested and stored renewables. This and automation will seriously undermine the global economy because it will make local production more competitive, even if autonomous vehicles deliver the stuff or autonomous ships and planes ship and fly it across the globe. The added complexity can be easily handled by AI systems, but those need to be build and maintained.

So due to automation and renewable energy eventually the local economy will win over the global one, which will see its cashflow implode. We call this new economy the Roboeconomy. This is where robots make everything we need with renewables, an also restores nature for us.

So what is left to focus on for people who have assisted each other to reach the above level of ‘life support’? Happines and health. Beauty of nature, intimate persuits, labour that feels good. We should know this is going to be the future, and prepare for it. Why worry about jobs if you can support people’s lives with automation and renewables. Make sure you have that mechanism put in place and you can focus on more social factors, like if people are healthy or happy or if they need a better place to live.

Ignore politicians that talk about jobs, especially in old industries. If they talk about jobs in renewables then welcome them, because the deployment of renewables will enable local manufacturers to produce goods and services cheaper, and it will reduce the power of banks to maintain the economic rat race (one in which they determine the scarcity of money, their main product). If your car can drive electric and charge at your home you can deliver pizza’s at a lower cost and compete more. If your oven is solar electric you can bake them cheaper and compete more. If the ingredients are farmed automatically and organically, using electric farm equipment, you can again lowe the price of your pizza. And if this happens to all other jobs the burden to make money, as well as the difference between rich and poor shrinks and this will do miracles for society and happiness.