More Energy Without Oil/Gas

The fossil industry has kept the world in a bind for nearly 50 years now, since it realized it was destorying the ecosystem. It adopted a ‘spread doubt’ strategy and worked hard to only get is lakeys elected, for which it had the perfect fully dependend partners : The banks. The bank/fossil alliance is what is destroying life on Earth.

Now instead of thinking we are lost, which the bank/oil alliance (the Carboncredit system I call it) wants you to, we are not. The Carboncredit system is fatalistic, it does not care about the future, the future is not in its bubble. It has worked to eliminate inventions and ideas from the market so you don’t abandon using fossil fuels, for decades now. I have seen man inventions be ‘deleted’ from public awareness, buried under confusing names or panted and invested into oblivion.

Recent example is Ampex Power for which there was a 5 kW demo 10 years ago, and no product today! Rivian is also a money sink that does not turn that cash into EVs with any efficiency. Aptera might be in a similar stasis (also already 10 years). Dutch Rainmaker is still OTC stock, not happening, Freeze desalination is not happening, and there are many more. There is a concentration camp of good ideas we are not applying because they have been caught in the legal matrix created by the carboncredit system.

Airco Systems/Cooling

  1. Shade your airco if it is outside. If you can run it at night to cool water in a reservoir underground. That way you’re not fighting the sun during the day
  2. Shade your street or building block because the higher the sunlight is relfected, the less it can heat the buildings. In the future all city streets will have white sails over them. Make those sails and set examples.
  3. Paint your roof white, your street, your walls, or use metal foil if you can, make sure it stays intact. Reflected light does not warm the planet. You can achieve up to 1 kw of cooling per m2! See
  4. Get a white car, get better reflectors for your car screen. We need spray on IR reflecting compounds, so cars don’t get hot inside in the sun.
  5. Replace fluor based coolants with CO2/methan/ammonia, this is better for the environment.
  6. If you can create a shaded water basin you can actually cool against space day and night, which means your water cools down even though the air above it is hot. Water is a good radiator of heat.
  7. Super high albedo paints (95%+) not containing metals have been invented but the ownere of the license is not known. The airco industry will want to burry this invention.
10 times more efficient cooling.. #cooling #airco #hvac


  1. Fresh water can be made by freezing salt water and filtering the slush, this is energetically more efficient than RO and common techniques.
  2. You can also use ionic filters and even use brine water and solar power to use electric current to pull salts out of water creating drinkable water. The ion membrands should not be expensive, they are hard to get but certainly not unique.
  3. You can also use wind power to mechanically drive a comperessor and cool the air so that water in it condenses, this is less costly than going electric and using RO. A version of a wind turbin driving a hydraulic pump was demonstrated as well, using RO, but you really don’t want to use high pressure systems.


  1. Solar panels turn about 80% of the sunlight into heat, so if you catch that heat from the back they become usefull sources of hot water in a heat pump system. Companies like Triple Solar have existed for more than a decade doing very few installs. We need simple adaptatons of solar panels to utilize this energy source, which by the way can also be used to cool.
  2. You can insulate your house by covering the outside walls. I though straw mats hung on hooks could look nice, but this is way to far from the consumerist bubble the economy wants you to live in. Good, make expensive choices then. Make sure any metal foil does not touch the hot side, because it will simply transmit the heat and radiate, so use it as reflector at a distance. Plant trees to keep your house out of the wind. You can even add small walls or obstructions to keep your house warmer in the winter.
  3. We want to see IR reflective film, because they will keep heat inside in winter and outside in summer.. See this article.


  1. Farming can be as productive without fertilizer and pesticides, according to an italian study. The main factor is weather. The risk of disrutpion of a high input farming habit is high, and the consequences are famine, sometimes for multiple years because the soil is depleted. Better change now!
  2. Shading farms with solar panels or white panels can cool the soil, making it more productive, while reducing evaporation, increasing rainfall. This should be a new farming method , the main vulnerabilities are wind and rain.
  3. Trenches to catch rain water have increased ground water which increases the period during which plants can evaporation cool themselves. They also reduce floods, its low tech. Earth does not become optimal for plant growth on its own, humans can help.