Shell’s Green Charade

You can consider it green when oil and gas companies finally wake up to the waste of flaring gas. Shell just signed a deal with Iraq to utilize the flared gas from it’s wells. In Nigeria they didn’t bother, overall the losses of gas flaring in terms of opportunity to produce renewable energy sources are gigantic. 3-5% over the duration of gas production. If flaring energy had been utilized we would not need the damn gas today! The gas that came along with oil was often not even considered for economical exploration. So you can put lipstick on a pig, and suggest oil will last another 25 years (an eco destructive and rediculous concept, even countered by Shell itself), but you are wiser to slaughter it and turn vegetarian if you want to have a future..

Shell’s flaring in Nigeria (source

At the same time we can read that the will to act against climate change is waning due to the will to ‘grow economically’ (read: utilize fossil fuels). The constant problem is that cheap abundant energy (liquid or coal) is considered desirable as long as the sellers fossil fuels are capable of keeping renewables out. Shell and Aramco are now producing thin film panels, a smart way to save liquid fossil fuels needed to dominate logistics, but I can get no quote for a palled of the panels! Are they going to sell the panels, or just push out any competition for the next 25 years or until we can be fully convinced our planet can not be saved? The central control and the role of banks in distributing the money people need to buy fossil energy is also a irresistable lure in countries that have always been suckers for the image of wealth projected by the west. The only thing that people with survival instinct can do is ask for global confiscation of all fossil fuels by an intergovernmental armed body.

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