Jerry Brown Puts California on the Road To Wealth

Jerry Brown was governer of Californai from 1975 to 1983. Incredibly he’s back in office as the 34th Governor, and he believes in green. Now he has given the go ahead to the plan to have a californian bullet train with the best of excuses.

Gov. Jerry Brown says the high-speed rail line will avoid “the huge problems of massive airport and highway expansion.”

Trains are really much more efficient than planes. Even if they travel at 300 km/h, with massive airdrag. They cost less land and require less biofuels to be grown. The massive exspansion in airtravel is really only a way to increase fuel use. The benefits of having the fuels to do that, and the resulting increase in fuel use in the destinations (called economic growth) are a powerfull bribe by the fossil fuel industry.

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