The Importance of Defining a Path Towards Safety

All around the world people stuck in cities and livestyles are trying their hardest to ignore climate change. It gets hotter and hotter, things start to burn, the beach is unbearably hot. Wet bulb temperatures show being outside has become lethal and field workers die from heat exhaustion every day, the economy has to move forward, cashflow has to be maximized, banks have to be served (and customers of course whatever)

But if the choice is sweltering heat, possible heat death, no future and no improvement or concerted action (like increasing albedo!). If the only option is to stay on the plane as it barrels towards the ground, because the sales of the in flight snacks is making the stewardesses rich, this is a macabre and fatalistic fate. It is really because so few actually pay attention that they are not scared, angry or done with all the problems they face in life and simply quit. In short order in society is fragile and gets more fagile as we see more evidence of unaviodable suffering.

At some point the return on creating a perspective, that is a real one, not the greenwashing ‘if you separate your trash you’ll be fine’ type of perspective, will become positive. The economy in its cruel persistence can not continue to strangle the life out of our planet if we become aware of our impending doom, our actual fate, and how little we will get from those same institutions that now claim they are the cornerstones of civilization. It is all a bunch of lies.

The best informed, richest and most mercilessly destructive institutes, our Wall Street banks, our financers of clearcutting, eradicating, polluting and depleting, will have to define their path to some semblance of normalcy, no matter how it is achieved. If they don’t people will drop everything. Even if the world economy is crashed to lock people into their homes and a new virus is released (on top of the other suffering) people will simply start doing whatever the fuck they want.

Governments that now still hop and jump like Przewalski horses for the promise of a nice life and cushy future will lose fate in it, and the magic will stop working. Better a government that gets wise now, that wakes up now, of people that do not buy the nonsense, that can think standing on their own two feet that people dropping dead from the heat is not part of that ‘shining city upon the hill’, we must leave OZ and look behind the curtain, not be infantile but mature and willing to survive, to dare to want to survive, it sounds idiotic. Soon even the most horrible contributers to the climate calamity has to come up with a plan, a path, or people will walk away.