Humans? Meh!

A few years back the prognosis of our planet was dire, but we where all in this together. Eventually fossil would be gone, and renewables would take over, we would have more local autonomy, and this would break up the bank dominance and economism for good. This still holds, we are in the last few decades of bank domination. They hoard land, city space, lock people into jobs they don’t like, lock people out of access to resources that could be used, all to maximize their power.

But since AI and LLM entered the scene, and with the prospect of rapid advances in stacked circuits on silicon, permanent RAM memory, possible use of memristors and exploding production of GPU compute. It seems a real risk people who are mostly in the economistic matrix (so not the poor ones in third world countries, not North Koreans, not anyone without a bank account or education or job), will soon be fully captured. Fully known and programmed by their social media consumption or overinformed friends and relatives.

No money, no food, no land so no way to survive in modern China without complying. Stop thinking anything that does not help you be a good econobot, and help working your species towards extinction.

This means those people will be doing the economistic, anti climate bidding, but only as long as this is profitable for the relevant financial institutes, the people sponsoring the fossil fuel consumption you effect. They don’t want you to be energetically independent, like a real econobot you are to run for the right to destroy your planet, or you and your family will be degraded, you will lose your buddies. Most well off people are literally crawling into the dirt to show themselves to be fully on board with humanity destroying policies, its disgusting.

Now as a financial elite, who tries to keep the system clean from anyone that may want to remove it or replace it (against reality already, of course domination is not global or ubiquitous), there is no real care for any individual. That is the horror of poeple identifying with a system. Your individual life is not important, because the system has sensitivities that can only be addressed if we cut corners every now and then. Its an open debate what is more deadly, total anarchy or total fossil/banking order, oh wait, there is not, its total fossil/banking order that is boiling us alive today.

With the prosprect of androids and factores run by androids that make androids, and with those androids being fully capable of conversing with us and being directed by us or each other, we enter a new phase where the loss of human life, of human talent, can be seen als less than a tragedy by many. What does it matter if the guy keeping the garden is a robot, if I was driven to my villa by a robot, if the underground farm is run by a robot. Why do I need to use those super vulnerable needy and troublesome people to do that? We are seeing the horse to car, human to android transition and you are either organizing it or going to be a victim of it.

The above is a result of assuming the system protects itself, it has as its key driver two things : A predictable lifestyle for those that comply, and a social sphere where you can mature and be a decent yet of course deeply arrogant and near psychopathic male. To enter the fossil death cult is very fascist, it reeks of a logical purity and simplicity of model that matches the appeal of a racial superiority theory. You get nice offices, suits, cars, houses, nice people (fake expats) lots of opportunity to date women, a superior role in every enviroment, best hotels, good mortgage, pension, etc. But you have to sell as much oil as you can or make banks as important as humanly possible.

Why make people serve the elite if robots can do it?

You can really only beat that system with a competing system all run independently of both money and fossil energy with the same attractiveness and predictability. We need to create that ASAP. But as we have to try to get that done the fossil/banking system hopes to read your mind and program your behavior (through adds) and you may actually be trying hard to comply and perform as well, and of course will not reward those that do not want to help it. This ability I fear will move quicker than the one that provides the less destructive alternative.

It is really important to be aware of the alternative to banks and fossil, namely your own currencies and renewables. There are no massive renewable energy plants that emit their own currency yet, but they will exist. Why would energy generated where you live be traded away to remote places, and not be distributed to you (in the form of tokens) that people that need energy can buy? It is such a weird thing that say all the people that make Rotterdam work have no ownership of almost anything in the city besides their appartment, car, bike, fridge or for the lucky ones a debt on their house.

If humans do not want to be optimized away by a fossil/banking elite that gradually impoverishes everyone while making them comply so they can’t revolt, they need to get on owning whatever they really need as soon as possible. We can not allow debt to inhibit the use of land or buildings or roof space. This is not anarchy but more or less applying the oldest laws of civilization. Even in the first law books it was said that if a man did not work his land, but another man did (it was mostly men back then), after a while the second man owned the land. There wasn’t even talk of prohibiting the second man from working the land!

The clock is ticking. Compliance androids will be banging on your door soon. You will be asked to step outside and hail the neigborhood compliance bot that parades through your street, and he will look awesome augmented by your AR goggles (which you are required to wear outside, incided Ring keeps an eye on you).