De Robo(eco)nomy And Why You Should Care

The maker of this website is trying for some time now to drive home a vision called the Robo(eco)nomic future. It’s nothing futuristic, it’s the concept that with plenty of renewable energy we won’t have to work to live well anymore. Why? Becaue machines can do it, and we won’t have to power them, the sun, wind and waves will do that. To make it easy to grasp the vision please consider the image below. 

Before liquid fuels we’de be toiling in the heat mowing our lawn. Addin a motor to the device was considered a wastefull thing, we where frugal because we came out of an era with little automation and stong dependence on human involvement. We where already privileged to have a lawn by industrialization, without it we’d still be working the field.

When carbon liquid fuels started to permeate every aspect of society (because there was plenty and someone made money selling it) lawnmowing became easy, at least if you where able to afford it. You did not have to work to mow the lawn, but you where supposed to work to expand the use of carbon, according to economic theory. You had to increase the earnings of the carbon distributors, the oil companies and banks. That was called economic growth. You get 25 days of every year for helping out.

Now we are at the dawn of the Robo(eco)nomy. It’s a world in which nobody has to work. It is the same world we live in today, but now unemployed (unnecessary) people are still competing for carbon. That makes their lives miserable and if we are working for our carbon we are supposed to hate those that are not. The secret is that nobody makes carbon, coal oil or gas, so nobody should feel a right to use it, whether they work or not.

But the future doesn’t know the primary reason to be economic : scarcity. Not if you make sure there is plenty of renewable energy. So nobody will need to work. You will be able to enjoy a mowed lawn and the robotic maintenace system will come around running on it’s own solar energy to maintian the mower, every system will be autonated except perhaps when people really like to do the job or want to keep an eye on it, it will be your choice. Beauty and fun will be the prmary persuit of most people.

The owners and sellers of carbon like to paint a bleak future. That’s because they don’t want you to stop needing them. But the future is bright, clean and easy. How about spending a century restoring earth using renewables? Humans are keepers and fosterers, so  after a century of massochistic confusion under the thumb of ruthless oil, coal and gas cartels it’s time to make this vision real. It will be the best fun you have ever imagined possible, the best gift to your family and the best choice for mankind.  

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