Hydrogen-Bromide Flow Batteries and How The Oligarchy Hinders Its Implementation

Litium polysulfate flow battery

The girl suggests the grid market is prioritized, which means this market can play with it as long as it likes. The girl works for the existing energy oligarchy that wants to delay and/or own any competing and renewable enabling technology. One strategy is overresearching it and taking a ‘risk averse attitude’, like when adopting nuclear without insurance.

The lifetime of flow batteries depends on wear and tear on pumps and on deposits in the electrolyte.
Those deposits can however be easily removed (or avoided by good design). Why would that be a hindrance to implementation?
“We couldn’t throw you the lifejacket, it had the old logo on it…”

Flow batteries are easy technology and have been build since the 80’s. The girls demands for grid reliability are of course designed to make it as difficult as possible to meet these demands. The 20 year lifetime to be equal to turbines is also a rediculous demand. Cost as a concept in itself is patrial to the banks that now mainly depend on the fossil fuel industry.

The best thing would be to prohibit carbon energy where renewables are feasible, and simply take the funds for building out of the coal/oil and gas subsidies.

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