Fossil fuel free farming works! The Grassfarm of Joel Salatin

Update :  Salatin is coming to Holland 

Pulisched march 3, 2013

Earlier we blogged about the unsustainability of intensive farming and the risk of suddenly be without fuels to farm while the soil is utterly dead. We would starve because all intensively farmed soil is essentially depleted, so the moment you stop treating it with chemicals nothing growth. How to do it better? By viewing the soil as a battery to store solar energy, nitrogen and other nutrients, and only use it in a way that makes it better..

Joel Salatin agrees with a lot of our ideas also captured in the roboeconomic concept. Be part of life, don’t trade outside a certain logistic range, agoracentric so to say..

Joel Salatin runs a grass farm called Polyface farm. He doesn’t fertilize or plow yet the topsoil grows in thinkness each year. On the grass he keeps cows, chicken, turkey and rabbits in a smart portable system that maximizes the synergy between these species. His method is cheaper, scalable and very productive..


Joel on sustainability

Joel talking about soil at TEDMED

Everything I want to do is Illegal

You can farm 

Talking about ‘Folks, this ain’t normal’

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