Ammonia Revisited

Update : Wind generated ammonia as shipping fuel

Update Page 51 Ammonia ” is a bulk industrial commodity, and can be burned in both diesel engines and gas turbines.”

Update “Portable ammonia factories could fuel clean cars” Tim Maxwell

You may think ammonia is very dangerous, and it’s certainly not advised to walk into a room with air saturated with the chemical. But that goes for diesel, petrol, gas and many others as well.

Ammonia, NH3 is a perfect car fuel. It can be made using wind or solar electricity or from Natural gas, allowing the carbon to be separated and stored in the soil.

People applying ammonia in cars will often talk about difficulties, like the need for a fuel mix or more time to develop engines. That’s partly because one can optimize and take forever to reach the optimum, and partly because some people don’t want you to see ammonia cars as an achieveable goal.

Here’s a video about one guy that got stopped by big oil.

A lot of ammonia is dumped or evaporated in the meat industry. All that ammonia can be recaptured and used to power hydrogen fuel cells or be burned for heat and used in cars. The factor that stands in the way is the  self protecting money streams associated with this waste of valuable energy.

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