The Amazing Potential of Lanzarote

Spain has an Island, part of the Canary islands, that is dry and barren. It’s vulcanic in origin, it rises up from the deep ocean as it lies just off the moroccan continental plat. What we write here on Lanzarote also goes for Fuerteventura, and the other Canaric Islands, but we focus on Lanzarote for it’s amazing qualities.


The so called tradewinds which blow over Lanzarote are above 4 Baufort more than 50% of the time, any month, and usually stronger. Usually from the same direction. Wind potential is thus serious and the yield can be well predicted. It has a windfarm with 9 850 kW turbines.


Lanzarote is mostly black vulcanic terrain, and the sun is beating down on it most of the time. So for solar it has amazing potential, we think if solar was used to generate fuel for ships, or to desalinate water, it could transform the island, also as a tourist destination.

It is a very dry place, bigger picture here..


“Several areas with surface temperatures of 100-180 C and of 300-600 C at only 5 meters depth have been studied recently.

So using the ocean as a cooling water source  you have geothermal energy without even having to drill. Island is growing vegetables in the middle of winter using its geothermal energy, what can Lanzarote do?

Wave, Tidal

“Significant resources (average wave power exceeding 30 kW/m and average annual wave energy of more than 270 MW h/m) are found to the north of the island, as well as to the west and the east (average wave power 25-30 kW/m). ” (source)

A constant current surrounds the island, which can be used to power underwater ‘wind’ turbines. These flows are very constant and predictable, and so is the power. They are a 24 hours a day reliable source of energy.


Because it is so close to the deep ocean Lanzarote can mimic the coastal upwelling process that causes rich fishing grounds near the coasts where the currents drive deep water to the surface. It can use renewables to do it, and farm fish with the algae grown on the nutrient rich deep ocean water. Hawaii does the same thing, it has spirulina farms fed with cool and rich deep ocean water.


Lanzarote can basically desalinate using the geothermal energy on the surface, combined with the sun, and thus potentially has enormous water reserves. This is the resource most lacking on the island, the wind is very dry and crops have to be planted in pits to be protected from it. Solar or renewable powered desalination combined with drip irrigation can green the island, which like any vulcanic island is very fertile.


Lanzarote does not have to be a boiling black barren island, it can become green, fertile and rich in resources. Apparently local inhabitants do not like tourism, and most of the island is a nature reserve (for the same tourists). If Lanzarotans thought about their options then obviously increasing its ability to produce wealth would be the logical choice.

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