How to Not Be The Asshole

Elon Musk thrills this morning by publishing¬†his “Master plan part deux”¬†to build an electric truck and passenger bus, and working to make it possible to share your Tesla to increase its utility (and cut emissions from taxi’s and other modes of transport). He shows us that you can drive towards a new world by creating it. Other companies are doing the same, we listed some that make electric trucks or work on it already. Tesla is not the only company with a mind to bring about the advent of sustainable energy, but there could be a lot more.

How does Elon do this? He focusses on what he wants to achieve, then relentlessly works to achieve it. He chooses his goals so he can care as a person for its succes.

In general we see a division in society between the ones that want quick wins from actions that support the fossil/banking system, and ones that struggle against the pro fossil media and smears and frankly open attacks to bring about things that will make us healthier, strongers, safer, more peacefull. These people, with Donald Trump as a prime example, are the assholes of this world.

You can sit by a buffet and wait until you get your shrimp cocktail, or you can go out in the field and sow and harvest the grains you turn into bread. Many interpret that as being either on top or at the bottom of the food chain. We wonder whether eating meat makes this feeling stronger, this preditory fantasy. The fact is, if you are waiting for shrimp you are dealing with a catering service (banks/fossil fuel companies) that will not be able to keep serving shrimp. The fossil/banking system will deplete shrimp, and all other foods, because they destroy the habitat of shrimp, quite literally. This fossil fuel economy is like fireworks, amazing when it happens, until it stops happening.

Don’t be the asshole that waits for the shrimps, or champagne, or at least not all the time. Spend some time replacing the fossil fuel system, give support to people that try to, give a voice to the opportunities of renewables and sustainability. Work to achieve a better world, not a world tagged with ‘economic growth’. You don’t have to work for anyone if you work for a world in which there is abundance of life and resources. You don’t have to fight and kill anyone if you work for a world where people don’t feel abused or lacking of resources. Don’t hate others, they are in the same perdicament as you. Cooperate with them because renewables can bring much more wealth than fossil fuels ever could.

Being green is not about being weak or lax or lazy, in fact it is harder than using fossil fuels. It takes more attention, although renewable products like solar panels are becoming more and more plug and play products (also because of Solar City). This is because at least right now, with renewables, you are asked to take control. You have to have an idea where you going, like no more power bill, or no more gas bill, or more trees in the street so it is cooler in the summer.

How to not be an asshole? Have a vision of cooperation and support while being strong yourself, not one filled with foes, imagining yourself to be weak and vulnerable. Renewables can give you that strength and autonomy, that is why we promote renewables and renewable technology.

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