The Banks Global Coup, TTIP and TiSA, TPP

We have written here about the banks running the so called carbon credit system in tandem with the fossil fuel industry. This system that allows creation of fossil fuel credit is the major obstacle to climate action, which involves moving to renewables, making fossil fuel credit obsolete. Banks are not taking this lying down.

The rules in the new secret agreements create a one way street to privatization. This means the market will take over from the government, giving banks ultimate control through their ability to extend or withold credit for certain activies. Also the power of corporations is extended so that it can introduce laws, meaning these players can totally rig the game.

Banks want cashflow. Privatization guarantees that, use of fossil fuels does

We need to take action against the initiators of these rules, because they will try again if they fail now. Why would we live in a world where profit is the only motive, and human happyness or natural resources are never part of the equation? Why would we create a centrally run planet consuming centrally created content through centrally run media channels etc. if we are so far apart, in our separate resilient nations? The only authority that is driving all these large agreements is the pervasive corruption achieved by corporations and banks that have escaped control of any countries law. All this to make the banks and their obsolete model survive.

When wages can differ from $15 per hour to $0,65 between US and Asia. The cost of logistics can be ignored..

Baks need the economy in which everything costs money, so that every transaction involves them, and they will use their power to make it so. Banks like big companies better, because they require less work, allow more kickbacks with deals, are more predictable. So bank is boss, big is better. Voting citizens don’t matter.

There is no political freedom in Vietnam

According to Bernie Sanders many workers in Malasia are actually slaves, 94% who’s passports have been taken away. This means they have no rights at all. Working conditions where subhuman. No privacy and no property. This is what trade agreemens force us to ‘compete’ with. For what purpose? Because all we need is food and shelter. Why should we have retchet lives because some want profit? Why would we forgo our governments powers in favor of such a situation..

More logistics means more cashflow so the economy, run by the banks, will make logistic chains longer than necessary, and find people working for less to justify it

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