China Proposes a 50 Trillion Global Grid

Amazing news today as China presents a proposal for a world wide electricity grid.

“The plan envisions linking existing and future solar farms, wind turbines and electricity plants in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, according to the head of State Grid Corporation of China.”

The idea comes from the State Grid operator, and is presented as a solution to the threats of ‘energy scarcity, environmental pollution and climate change’. ‘Liu estimated that the global network could mean clean energy comprising 80 percent of global consumption, displacing fossil fuels as Earth’s principal energy source.’

Of course this is not a good idea. For starters, how is the construction of a grid going to replace fossil fuels. It doesn’t, it’s transmission lines.

This is the same strategy proposed by grid owners around the world, only slightly more megalomanic. Grid owners will ALWAYS propose to build more grid, and every penny spend on the grid will not be spend on solar, wind or other renewable sources.

The killer threat to the grid is known : Battery storage. It buffers and stores at a competitive price, and makes the grid all but obsolete.

The idea of renewables is that they are mostly evenly distributed around the globe. It makes no sense to move them around, you move to where they are. In Regions with old industry where this is hard we already have enough grid in place, and we have renewable sources close to where the power is consumed. Tata Steel needs electricity and will generate that in Holland, and not move its steel plant to Spain.

As with other plans, a mega grid will delay replacing fossil fuels, this proposal is exactly the same lie as Europeans have suffered under (including the UK). A waste of polluting fossil fuels on plans that do not eliminate them.

As for the threat of energy scracity, there will be none. The grid doesn’t help either way. So this proposal only suggests to waste 50 Trillion on constructing a useless infrastructure and keep The State Grid Corporation of China occupied. Other than that it nonsense.

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