Earthquakes and Vulcano’s : Climate Risks

Earlier we wrote about the trend in vulcanic eruptions, the number of which is increasing as has that of earthquakes. We think it is no surprise given that we are shifting massive amounts of weight from the poles to the oceans around the world. The Earths crust floats on its molten core, and just like a boat will rise up if it carries less weight, so will the earths tectonic plates. Here’s a piece about what will happen if Iceland becomes ice free.

Here are two links to earlier pieces : Climate change increases the number of vulcanic eruptions and Alarming link between Global Warming and Seismic Activity

Climate change will shake the Earth

Climate change could spark vulcanoes, earthquakes tsunamis

“GPS measurements reveal that the crust beneath the Greenland ice sheet is already rebounding in response to rapid melting, providing the potential—according to researchers—for future earthquakes”

There’s even a book about it : “Waking the giant”

These seismic activities are not well-explained by survey data and statistics without the incorporation of global warming.” (bron)

The main worry would be about historically unstabile regions who’s erruption may be triggered by the instability brought on by climate related weight shifts. The main risk being the Yellowstone Caldera. Yet another reason to return to CO2 as usual.