Green IT roundup nr. 1

The new VIA Green logo. See more here..

In spite of the current credit crisis Green IT has not lost its priority. 70% of IT managers consider it a priority as long as it saves money. The activities in the field are ramping up now that the possible savings have more impact on the businesses balance sheets.

Virtualization is still somewhat synonymous with virtualization, but that is uderstandable as virtualization can slice cost by 80% in terms of hardware. CMG has announced it will add GreenIT and Virtualization as part of its annual conference this year.

Google keeps piling the effort in line with its commitment to green IT. It recently published more details about its extremely efficient datacenters sporting a PUE of 1.21. (for more on PUE metrics click here..)

Microsoft weighs in the efficiency battle with a claim of PUE being 1.22

On the other side of the planet, Fujitsu Australia Limited is going to build the greenest datacenter of Australia in Peth. Major inovations there are the use of ‘Free cooling’ and Ultrasonic humidifiers which save about 20% over the comonly used ones.

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