Seriously : Climate Change and National Security

General Gordon Sullivan, Former Cheif of Staff US Army

Rear Admiral David Titley

– The impact of ocean acidification may mean people that live of protien from the oceans may not be able to do that (oceans will be dead)

– Het effect van verzuring van de zeeen zou kunnen betekenen dat mensen die voor hun voedsel van visvangst afhankelijk zijn die levenstijl niet kunnen voortzetten (de zeen zullen geen vis meer bevatten)

– Navy has a goal to reduce carbon based fuels by 50% by 2020

– De Marine heeft het doel om in 2020 50% mindere fossiele brandstoffen gebruiken

Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn

– "Climate Change acts as a threat mutliplier for instability in critical regions of the world."

– Klimaat verandering werkt als een vermenigvuldiger van de dreigingen en instabiliteit in kritische gebieden op aarde 

– Failing government structures will create opportunity for terrorists

– De onder druk van de veranderingen falende regeringen creeren kansen voor terroristen

– Climate change and fossil fuel addiction is by any measure the biggest threat

– Het klimaat probleem en de verslaving aan fossiele brandstoffen is de grootste bedreiging voor de veiligheid

James Woolsey Director CIA, Undersecretary US Navy

– "Exponential effects may be why actual temperatures are above those predicted."

– Exponentiele effecten vormen misschien een verklaring voor de verschillen tussen de modellen en de realiteit (de realiteit is erger)

– We may get lucky and manage to deal with some of the issues

– Misschien heb je geluk en kun je omgaan met sommige van de problemen

– Insofar you are moving to distributed generation of electricity, because you are worried about the security of the web, terrorist attacks on the web and the like, photovoltaics on the roof etc, insofar you are doing that you are also going green

– Als je de energie voorziening gedristribueerder maakt vanwege veiligheids belangen (terroristen, cyber attacks) dan ben je ook groener! (anti smart grid argument)

– You are funding the terrorists when you buy gas at the gas station

– Als je benzine tank geef je geld aan terroristen

Rosie Boycott, Former editor of the Independent on Sunday

– Floods will mean crop failure

– Nine meals from anarchy, meaning it takse three days of famine break down society

General Ron Keyes, Former commander, Air combat command

– You can debate the science, but something is happening

– Je kunt discusieren over de wetenschap, maar er is iets aan de hand

Wesley Clark Former Supreme Allied Commander of Nato

– We’ve got to act now

– We are not going to avoid warming, we need to deal with the effects

– Nuclear has two drawbacks, risk and waste, incentivise other technologies first

– It’s not an EPA problem, it’s a national security problem

– Please help with raising consienceness of the fact that climante change is upon us AREADY, requiring a command and control to deal with weather extremes

General Chuck Wald, USAF

– We have the responsibility to do something now

– A gallon of fuel to a forward base in Afganistn costs 1000 usd

– The navy is looking at algae based fuel, the good news is its going to be plentyfull, clean to make, burns a little better and it doesn’t have to have a new infrastructure to move it around.

General Anthony Zinni, Forme Chief US Central Command

– I was part of a study on the security issues of climate change. The arctic will be an issue

– Major diaspora’s, banglaseh goes away

– Battles over water is going to be more the liquid of conflict than oil

Kent Butts, US Army War College

– Russia claimed the North Pole

– Overconsumption is an easily singled out problem in relations between north and south

– Osama Bin Laden believes that the west disregards the impact of climate change on the developing world

Ray Maybus, Honorary Secretary of the Navy

– We are going to deploy by 2016 a navy carrier strike group composed completely of alternatively powered ships

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