A Heatwave all Year Long, A Greenhouse effect, everything is burning up..

We can play the below video over and over again. It’s from the movie Soylent Green. It’s about a world where people have become canibals, believing they eat some kind of algae pill but actually processed old people. It’s hot in the movie, the oceans died, due to a Greenhouse effect…

The oceans ARE dying, and the process is almost unstopeable as long as fossil fuel economics is in charge. This post will be a heatwave repository, with updates whenever predictions or actual heatwaves occur. It is ONLY getting worse, the trajectory is towards 12 degrees warming eventually, like has happened before during the end-permian mass extinction.

It is wildly arrogant to state heatwaves will quadrupple in spite of emission cuts. It assumes there is no other way to cut heatwaves then through cuts. Of course we have a growing renewable energy industry as well as budding technologies that can make a difference irrespective of what happens with fossil fuels. Considereing the sun dumps almost 1500 times the harvestable energy on our planet as all fossil fuel reserves combinte, in theory we could inspire the entire emissions of the 20th century in less than a week. The trouble is the banks, that are not allocating resouces towards renewbales, because that would make them obsolete, and of economics, which is a philosophy with insane ignorance at its core. It doesn’t work without ample fossil fuel suppies, it is designed to sell oil/coal and gas. To change that we need to face them directly, dictate investment and create a patent/royalty free environment to mitigate climate change. We have effective solutions for irrigation, desalination that don’t require fossil fuels. Ask us. For now, lets keep track of predictions.

Heatwaves to quadrupple by 2040 regardless of emissions cutsĀ 

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