7 Projects

We don’t know how far we can carry our initiatives, we get no financial support. But the cost of a website is low, and this site has about 220.000 unique visitors this month, it should be possible to mobilize some interest or at least inspire some action based on what we present in this post (search tag 7projects01). Seven projects, one each day, practical things, two business cases for the Brandson Challenge. Let’s see what we got..

1. Bambooya (making bamboo islands to grow all kinds of things on)

2. Solar melting of sand into glass

3. The Niebuur Concept building

4. Zonleningen (crowdsourcing renewable investment)

5. Roboeconomics (development of the ideas)

6. Heliostats, digital gardening, hydrophonics and other hacks.

7. The culture of renewables, climatebabes.com 

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