Project 3000

The long term damage of CO2 emissions is not well understood. Some say that even with lower CO2 the warmed oceans will keep the atmosphere warm for a long time, with the serious weather patterns we see today. The media wants people to think about the absolute short term, like a casino without clocks. “Why should I pay for xyz” because the banks have corrupted the entire society, you can’t survive without money or you have to be a recluse in Arizona. Banks own everything, the economy is a bank run system, and this system has no moral center, it merely uses politics to seek the limit of what people will tolerate.

The cathedral of Florence

So what now? The end of humanity? Not likely, we can build habitats and have solar and of course wind, live underground. Even if the oceans start belching H2S (swamp gas) which is toxic and corrosive, we can find technical solutions to deal with it. Not all of Earth died out during past climate cataclysms (The so called Great Dying was a warming event and the biggest extinction until now). After that disaster which saw a 12 degree temperature rise, animals from before, even oxygen breathing, and plants where left. Our ancestors survived that million year dead silence on Earth (the Dinosaurs came and went, our ancestors where small rodents then).

We need to take a different attitude vis a vis human survival, and we need a long term project, because it is going to take many centuries to fix this problem, to get back to a more temperate Earth. We live in a world economy now but soon it will be fragmented. Chaos will happen in many places. Indonesia saw 70% of its rice harvest fail, other countries already shut down all exports. People will starve and the people who won’t will be kept happy and distracted. This managed world where everyone stares at a screen or is a corporate drone or tows the economic line will simply desintegrate. Either that or it will (which I hope) be replaced by the Roboeconomy, one powered by renewables, wind, solar, batteries, EVS, in short what bank run USA politics is fighting, even the democrats!

We need a group of people that is working on something else, on real solutions, but with a long term perspective, and not a decade or some ‘economistic’ time frame but simply the aim to neutralize climate change by the year 3000. The tweet above send by me got 4 views, but its true, I calculated the oxygen would have run too low by now if the Egyptians had started to burn oil and continued to this day. But we can still see a lot of the egyptian archtecture, we have perfectly preserved artifacts that are 4000 years out. Doors, mechanisms. It is not strange to have a 1000 year plan (977 to be precise).

If you are project 3000 you try to help to halt CO2 emissons in any way, of course, but you also think about what structures we need, large scale, and thinking not in terms of money but in terms of effectiveness. Enormous catherdrals where build over centuries, not even usefull, but just to prove a point of the greatness of mankind. There was a design, a plan an objective and all the people involved contributed their lives and resources to it. We have it a loot easier. Solar energy is not difficult to harvest at all. We have electornics, robots, machines, chemistry. We only need to ensure it is applied to the problem.

What is needed is an organization who’s members are not trying to be rich and have nice offices, like you see with a lot of climate activists turned book writers, gala attendants not achieving much at all. We need people with an engineering mind, that can see how to make things right, that can overcome difficulies and who form an international network from which true carbon capture and eco restauration initiatives can come, and which does not seek public attention, does not advertise their success because it does not want to be know and be disturbed at first.

Eventually there will have to remain people that believe in our planet, in what it is now, and which will try to seek back the way to this paradise we are losing. Sounds a lot like many religions but of course some people in our history have had a fantastic life, just living wherever they where, having no more complex activity than shooting a deer or teaching at a school or being a farmer. It makes a lot of sense to create a priesthood, of people in the know that manage installations and keep those that have not had proper education out. This sounds science fiction, but what will the state of humanity be if the oil spigot closes and there’s no energy to maintain order and run the services that are the foundation of our economistic society ?

If people are really serious about climate action they should stop working for the system that causes it, but also start to prepare for the difficult road ahead. We need places that will be safe, where food will grow, water will be and the heat can’t kill. Its not in a major city or in a plain where everyone can come visit. Its not as part of an economy where ever item you make has to be sold, every ton of produce has to be consumed. Especially when you want to capture carbon you are generating a valuable resource.

Religious texts speak of a battle against dark angels, darkness being evil, the underworld full of fire and brimstone, sulfurous smoke from the land of the dead. We took the oil from under the Earth and it turned our planet in to hell (the effects are delayed, but this year was a good preview). We brought hell to the surface, and we need to put it back under the ground.

Project 3000 is a rather uninspiring name for the common goal of whomever is on board with this. It is our task to select those that are capable, to ensure continuity and to actually build carbon capture and eco restoration installations on a large scale outside the grasp of the economistic idiots that ruined our planet’s climate. I know its ambitions, waay to long term and crazy, but this is what we need. How are we going to keep it up for 977 years, which will be gone in a blip, just like the last century. Join this project. Spread the word.