@X and Mental Surveillance

We live in a world where fossil and banks fight for their dominance and have all the guns. You can easily identify people that they control by their debt load and finacial dependency. You can identify their stooges by their position regarding climate and renewable energy. A good fossil stooge prime minister or president will have two tests : 1. Is it good for banks, 2. Is it good for fossil. If either of them are no, whatever the proposal is won’t be supported.

We also live in a world now where big corporations can buy massive compute to run large language models (LLMs) and analyse any type of public communication you may want to put out there, tweets (x messages), facebook chat, updates, wechat, tiktok, youtube. It can all be read, listened to and analysed, no longer on keywords but on meaning. What are you actually talking about, what is your probable intent. It is only a matter of time until machines grade your compliance with the banking/fossil virtual reality (badly broken into by climate reality), or this is already the case.

Twitter or X as it is called now, may prove to be a powerfull tool in this mental surveillance. Academics that tweet will have to tow the pro fossil H2 agenda, will have to promote a ‘no way out’ world view because banks don’t want to allocate credit to activities that reduce their importance (renewable energy). The rudder of mass communications, the social media sphere is jerked hard by the fossil/banking interest, who are the only ones with the funds and the motivation.

And even @X is not non-profit anymore. It has also become an attention market. People that engage users are rewarded, just like on Youtube and other platforms. It runs counter to the original intent of Twitter, which is to just listen to tweets of others. LLMs are reading your tweets now, categorizing you from a compliant consumer to a dangerous terrorist according to what you share. This sounds reasonable to be doing, if its governments that want to stay secure, but it is private companies who can do this, to further their private interests.

You are also the guinee pig, if you are active on social media you can be observed, your response to algorithm changes can be measured, they can be tuned. With AI phrases can be inserted in video’s you watch in the voice of the speaker, so the more you expose yourself to this virtual world the more you can be controlled. The default control is to draw you in to consume more content, but it can be to make you buy stuff, to make you behave in certain ways. For sure the payed paranoid in every countrie’s security institutes, as well as those who serve corporations commercially, are exploring the boundaries of analyis and survailance.

I can say this has always been the case. Since telegraphy was a thing the NSA intercepted all communications, its not a secret. I had an uncle in the 80s that used the most modern computer (with a color monitor!) to datamine from databases that just came online. The owl, the guy that funded Trumps campaign (Mercer) got rich with his speech analysis models, not for nothing. Intelligence is valuable to all of us, because we all compete for money (which is dumb). @X is providing an excellent source of data, as it touts to be for free speech, when it comes to rancunous companies it is about free exposure.

And this doesn’t mean a SWAT team barges into your appertment or anything, it means things may just be harder for people deemed persona no grata. People like me maybe? What happens to all the left wing idealists, I see only economically compliant people in politics. This has been going on since people wanted it to happen, and that has been since the dawn of the fossil/banking alliance.

So really you should consider any social media channel as strictly politicaly correct territory. This in turn makes you part of the indoctrination team and free thought won’t be able to be shared, you won’t find the other minds with more sense of reality than the hyper consumer (eventually) and thus the medium will go stale and petrify, just like Chinese society under Xi’s more obvious surveillance. Just saying.

How to deal with this? Encrypted messages help. But @X has the ambition to become systemic, meaning part of the current fossil/banking system. If it does not comply we are in for some fireworks.

Of course Elon Musk and @X can also decide to become guardian of privacy, but then they have to extract themselves out of a lot of existing dependencies. This may be possible if @X can run from the SpaceX Starlink constellation talking to mobile phones directly. Until then, keep in mind your mind, person and intent is analysed from every word you share with the world.