The Uncontested World Map

We need to get real about climate change, it is making parts of the world uninhabitable as we speak. Iran shows 81 degrees Celsius wet bulb temperature, so basically if your aico fails you die. Nobody wants to live in a desert where you die by standing outside. In the Atacama desert in Chile the same thing is happening. It is so hot you can’t survive and nobody wants to be there. We need to be real about this, there is land on Earth nobody wants to be. It has to be open for whatever anyone anywhere wants to do.

Can we have the UN, Brics, African nations and all other global governments agree on a world map of uncontested land? Places where you can do whatever you want (as long as it helps against global warming/climate change). Similar to the high seas, where there can be no enforcement of law (even though there can be surveillance now).

Any company or person that wants to live in these places will be allowed to, provided they sequester CO2 and the sequestered carbon stays there. Do this on land and sea. No drilling for minerals allowed, those possible economic resources are not included and remain owned by the territory. Security is provided and can be augmented by the people involved. Why not allow this, it can only bring benefits.

Let nations draw their uncontested territory on the world map, instead of hoarding it for resources and allowing them to lie fallow while people with good intentions have no place to experiment.

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