100 Jaar Doofpot we schrijven 26 sept 1912..

Below article (26 september 1912, dutch newspaper) reads:

Is the temperature of Earth increasing? According to meteorologists the average temperature has been higher although August 2012 as an exception doesn’t fit that trend. A US scientist C.R. van Hise of the University of Wisconsin provided a remarkable explanation in 1904, recently repeated in the scientific american. Van Hise attributes the temperature rise to the enormous consumption of coal, and the enormous amounts of CO2 this spreads into the atmosphere. In 1899 (according to Hise) the total amount of coal used had risen to 723.287.434 tons compared to 511.518.358 in 1890. This means an annual consumption of 1 billion tons of coal. Because coal is about 80% carbon this results in emissions of 3 billion tons of CO2, making up 0,1233% of the CO2 the atmosphere already contains. In 812 this would double the amount of CO2. According to the famous theory of Arrhenius the temperature will be 8-9 degrees higher in the polar regions if the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere doubles or triples. This phemomenon would be confirmed in 1624 years.

Actual polar ‘temperature anomalies’ have been 12 degrees Celcius in recent years. 

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