The federal law to ban abortion was passed in december 2022, and the task forces where ready for it. No sooner had the ink dried on the documents or the first women where caught. This was easy, just find them in remote places, drug them, take ’em to the lab. Next came the insemination. No reason to traumatize them, touch them as lightly as possible. After insemination : release. Of course the women would be bewildered for a while. Their stories did not trigger a strong or effective response. The way it was done was clean and untraceable.

Soon after the first women noticed they where pregnant. What to do? Report a rape? No suspect, no memory, no physical signs. The pregnancies where to go through. no way to stop it anymore. Some women even thought they where unfortunate accidents. Boyfriends happy or anxious. Now it was even illegal to ask around for ways to abort the pregnancy, so just bear it and smile. A life changing event would happen, whether the women could endure it or not. A new person would be born, needing to be fed and educated..

These hard to notice pregnancies that basically happened under the radar because of legal risks to any woman even investigating abortion, they added men and women to the workforce in time. Not the best positioned one, not the ones from the most fortunate homes. Good soldiers and low wage workers though. Good for the economy. After a century of using low wage low skilled workers abroad now they could be sourced at home.

Of course the quality of the donors was carefully checked, optimized even. The deteriorated legal environment was used to perfect the ‘capture’ of unmarried women, meaning they live and operate in a bubble that gives them no way to organize help or allow anyone to connect the dots that would make the program visible to a wider audience. Some priests already called it immaculate conceptions, and some mothers where hoping their unexpected child was going to be a new messiah.

Republican control over society meant it was kept in such a state of chaos that it was impossible to detect wrongdoing and even if you did, impossible to organize effective action against it. Without even knowing it people’s lives where no longer their own. It didn’t matter because the planet was becoming uninhabitable fast anyway.

In the movie this happens to a well to do highly educated woman that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She turns out to have the means the friends and the wherewithal to find out what happend. What will she do though? And we are not living in a movie. What is described above can actually happen.