Women and Climate Action

The face of climate action is often female, we see Greta Thunberg and other young women advocate for action, scolding the leaders of the world, trying to rally the public into action. The more social side of the right wing parties is often so popular with women that it becomes somewhat intimidating. Left wing and social parties often have women as leaders and climate as one of the main concerns. There is something going on that is more than a growing equality in roles and responsibilities though.

Even local women are always happy to help with kids and animals and gardening if they can. Of course that is what we see. I think the truth is also visible. The majority of women does not care and aspires to a life that is safe and secure, partly because they are shown it is possible, partly because they know they are vulnerable.

The women in the picture above are a mix of girls without anything on their name, students, maybe some professionals. They can all not help but be part of the economic system that is destroying the planet. Where to get a megaphone without it, where to find the carton and pencil to make a sign. This seems like the most lame retort from a pro-fossil advocate, but it is also a true challenge for people that want change, especially women. They still have to fight for rights, after having fought for the right to vote, to be educated, to have abortions. The reason for this is that some men look that the situation and conclude “women did not create this world, women did not invent it, women are a guest in it” and such men often find women that will accommodate to their beliefs.

The above shows how women are making headway into political roles, but we should not kid ourselves in what type of society this happens : It is in the well organized fossil fuel economic societies, or the rare rural societies that do not need too much fossil fuel (but those are considered undeveloped). The irony is of course that women have a role to play, and politics is not a role anyone should be playing if you look back on our evolution and history. A politician should be a decision maker that lives his decisions, but these days a politician is the one that most cleverly can aquire the influence over decisions, no matter what they are. Banks, fossil, the economy does not care about them, because they know people only fight over riches, and the fossil/banking sector provides those.

My point above is that women in ‘positions of power’ are anti-climate because ‘power’ is anti-climate. Even the women in Africal asking for climate justice belong to the money hungry kind, the women that attend a twitter talk about the Great Green Wall are after the billions that are promissed for it. A big payout to Africa for climate will flow right back to industries in Europe, the US, China and pollute the atmosphere because the money will buy fossil fuels to make whatever will help the africans.

Laura wants to attend the COP27 meeting, which is a perk fest for local stalling representatives mixed with many people that still believe in the attempt.

Laura above wants to go to the COP27 meeting, to ask for climate justice. This is great, because 1. If you don’t give it all that happens is more asking. 2. If you do give it it drives the dependence on fossil fuels and means work for western companies. Much of the 3d world development aid given over the decades flowed back to western companies. It was a largely ignored subsidy. sometimes simply theft. I wrote about 200.000 Euro going to a charity that provided solar cooking systems, which where priced at 25 Euro per piece and consisted of some aluminium foil laminated carton (purchasable for about .25 Euro?).

What women want

As a man I don’t profess to know exactly what women want, but I will make a guess :

  1. Security
  2. Sovereignty over their body
  3. Food, water, shelter
  4. A constructive role in society

My point in this post is that in the west women get this by complying with the economy, no matter how climate active they are. The threat of men is constantly exaggerated (I suspect an islamic influence). You can barely look at a women in a store anymore because they are told men are all rapists. Wokeness is part of it, and it works because a woman can just cancel everything that does not provide her with the top 4 items above. Like in the islamic world the growing frustration among men for being punished for the crimes of a few makes them more single minded. There is no conversation possible in the end, both sexes live separate lives.

Another version is the domesticated man. Where the man is completely ‘owned’ by his desire for a peaceful life. This means the women is the boss around the house, the men dresses like Homer Simpson, and basically doesn’t care about anything anymore. In that situation the women also have what they want, and that is where their ambition stops.

What women need to do

I am a man, so I should not try to tell women what to do. This is the problem of analysis. Women simply shut men up if the opinion doesn’t suit them or it exposes them as comfort seeking frauds. The position of a women is so precarious in many places that any success is clung onto, and morality is jettisoned. This often means climate concerns are out the window as well. The most important point to make is perhaps that any division is artificial. Men and women have had roles in society, love has been mutual and helping each other has been the norm. It is the fossil banking economy that put men and women on an island, and oil rich countries happen to already have an ideology that works very well with that separation : the faith of islam.

So :

  1. Women need to find men to cooperate with
  2. Women need to realize the 4 points above -without using the fossil/banking economy-
  3. Women need to put local first and fight to get rid of interference.
  4. Women need to support technical education and making products out of innovations. They need to drive results. “What do I want to see? More cheap solar!”
  5. Increasing independence from the fossil/banking economy must be the ongoing effort, so don’t seek money, seek ownership.
  6. Implementing real climate solutions would be almost automatic, but should be concerted with other groups of men and women that are independent. This is both Extraeconomic and Roboeconomic.

The economy will help nobody that attempts the above, and laws are against people that try it. Many people have done it though, the sad aspect is that it is not easy to achieve significant results outside the economy, fossil fuels and the whole system of manufacturing of it are just so powerful. To use it one needs to use only solar, wind, wave, geothermal energy. Then the economic system turns into the Roboeconomic system, becomes more benign to the planet, and can provide the 4 items women want (according to me) without dragging life on Earth to its grave.

There is already a strong network of women active in climate action, but they need to read this blogpost and get real about their ambitions. If they get together and accept my arrogant manly analysis, they might turn into a more effective group..