Wind and Wave Albedo

Today is not a great day, because the fossil/banking system has managed to get my parliament to agree to join #CETA which means more cashflow for banks and fossil, more suffering and needless transportation of animals, more emissions, more ecological damage and less chance of survival for humanity. Temperatures rise to 27 degrees and will get much higher as Earth’s ability to shed heat from the sun has halved since 2005 (source). The loss of polar albedo and addition of water vapor in the atmosphere where not included in many older models.

Still it is important to share ideas if they can be useful. Albedo is one of those ideas. Send heat back into space. The same paper above concludes that although radiation is stronger when Earth warms, suggesting more heat is lost, it does not mean we are going to be cooler. Some noobs present it as such, try to be climate deniers and fudgers by claiming that higher temperatures mean higher radiation and more cooling. But everyone has had a pan on the stove, when its cold it doesn’t radiate much, when it gets hotter you start to feel it. Does it get colder as the pan radiates more? Hell no. Weak nonsense. Our planet is heating up fast.

Albedo is sending radiation, light or infra red, back up from the Earth, hopefully into space.

The radiation band that is not absobed by the atmosphere, so called outgoing longwave radiation (OLR), is like a window to space. If you send radiation in that frequency window it does not come back. Now I wrote about light albedo, and the radiation of warm surfaces that have been under the sun, at night. But any source of OLR pointed to the sky will radiate to space. So if you can convert energy in the weather system of Earth into OLR, you can chuck it out to space! This includes wind and wave energy.

Wind is converted into heat which is radiated out into space..

The way to do this is simply to convert wind or wave energy to heat in say a vertical cilinder. Then you make sure the top of the cilinder is open, and the heat is concentrated in it. The heat will radiate up, into space, and out of Earths system. There are many ways to implement this idea, even if it is a bit complex, especially compared with increasing ocean albedo which is super low. So for any practical purpose it makes no sense to build a wind or wave albedo device to rid Earths system of energy. \

One could imagine storm brake systems in the shape of big turbines that will turn in the wind of a storm, generate incredible heat in the nacelle which creates a beam of bright light upwards into space. This will reduce the energy in the storm, but it may also heat up any rain and wind above it.

The world is trapped in our money system that is based on fossil fuel credit, and the people that live of it are not going to let us escape if they can help it. Their arrogance and lack of empathy, egotism is what keeps a system going that is now rapidly cutting our chances for survival. We need a herculean effort to change our fate. We need to start now.