Fuck the IEA

After years of misrepresentation of our energy resources the IEA now "Acknowledge the coming of age of the renewable energy by publishing, for the first time, an annual medium-term report which analyzes that market".  "With this report, renewable energy takes its rightful seat among other major energy sources.". Fuck the IEA. There is no need for an IEA in the renewable future. What do people think oil coal and gas where originally? That’s right, organic, biomass, renewable, but that’s just being factual for a change. In reality there’s only two types of energy, centrally distributed and locally generated energy. That is what this is about. Centrally distributed energy like fossil fuels allow the control and exploitation of it’s use by a few big companies like Exxon, Shell and combined existence of our enormous financial sector. As central energy producers are starting to build centrally distributed renewable installations, that starts to fit into the profile. In order to allow better financing of such projects carbon/credit banks need something to hold on to…

This is the type of crap the EIA puts out. "Fields Yet to be developed" are uneconomical or to little as consumption grows and "Fields Yet to be Found" do not exist!

The IEA has been giving misleading projections for years now and we should ban the institution from being of any influence, especially in the financial sector as this sector is the main reason why the IEA kept producing optimistic fossil fuel reports.

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