We live in a competitive world, but this makes little sense. It is true consumers like choices, but ultimately they only spend on one of the products. Banks however are incentivised to sell more loans and thus try to load debt on all players in the economy, egging on competition.


If you say a company tries to provide a product or service to people who want it, you can also be open on how this is happening. If the product or service is vanilla, ‘OEM’ then only cost matter, and one can be open about everything that goes on. If the product is unique based on a group of skilled, motivated individuals, you can also just open up about what goes on. Even patents can be opened to anyone for use, only banks care which company workers get hired into, because bigger companies justify bigger loans.


In politics the same is true. The secrecy is about wheeling and dealing often against the interest of voters. Usually for the interest of banks and fossil fuel companies, industrial corporations that have again concentrated power. This is not what politics should be about, it should be about making laws to secure a happy healthy and safe society.


Scientific institutes are often caught in financial concerns that make them do immoral things. They can get funding for researching and perfecting a technology that should actually just be marketed, but banks don’t want them to (several RE technologies are stuck that way). They should be hypertransparent about their finances, about the supporters, about actualy progress if their research is not fundamental. Internet was invented to make information better available. Twitter is the most unobstructed way to broadcast timestamped information on it.


Citizen meanwhile should have total privacy. There is no need to share bank data , health data etc. with anyone we do not chose to share it with. This ensures a check on whatever goes on. You would not accept a stranger approaching you in the street that asks about what’s in your wallet or where you where yesterday. No insurere needs to know your ailments if its going to not insure you for them or just throw you out. Again banks are the main drivers behind hash treatment and privacy infringement.

Basic premise : Companies and politics need to be 100% transparent, individuals have to have 100% privacy.

Method : Use twitter to report company transactions that are to be transparent.

Politics : All communications of individual politicians run over twitter (without the need to respond to comments). all communications of groups run via a group twitter account. Links to documents included.

Corporations : All financial activities over a certain sum are reported through Twitter. There must be XML formats and data stores accesible.