The Carbon/Credit Petition..Bastiat and the Robo(eco)nomy

Replace artificial light with carbon/credit and this petition can be made against our carbon/credit economic capture and for the ustilisation of the energy provided by our sun/natural light in the same manner today as it could in France in 1845..

Full text..

"You no longer have the right to invoke the interests of the consumer. You have sacrificed him whenever you have found his interests opposed to the producer.." 

~Do you desire the benefit of consumption free of charge, or the benefits of onerous (imposed) production?~ 

~The part of nature is always free of charge, what is payed for is labour~

~Banning supply (oposing renewables) because the price approaches zero would imply you would want to ban the light of the sun~

Add automation and you can see life will be free of charge : Robo(eco)nomy 

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