Thinking of the Oceans

My thoughts wander off to what can be done with the oceans quite often. The basis of my reasoning is that a good solution to capture CO2 is biological in nature, so using growth of some organism and not much else. This option exists, now less than in the past, but still, in growin seaweed and seagrass and perhaps other materials on the ocean.

Another motivator to do so would be that it could shade the oceans, thereby protecting it from warming up further, and reducing evaporation. Of course most people will say its rediculous to even contenplate having an impact if you consider the size of our oceans. They are immense. But who knows. If there existed a salt water variety of duckweed, maybe the oceans could be covered by them and a lot of CO2 could be stored. Strangely there aren’t many floating ocean plants.

So my thinking goes along the lines of floating rafts that are used to grow plants, maybe bamboo growing on bamboo. Maybe some grass growing on floating matts of grass. This method could be extended in size as long as the grass produced would be more than the grass used. Processing the material grown to create parts of the raft or frame would make it a self sustaining operation.

Such an idea is nice, but how or where to start? Currently the “blue economy” is being developed with massive fossil input, because the companies that want the money allocated to the cause are always ones out of the fossil economy. A super poor country (but with land and biomass) might make different choices. How would I get started? I figure Vietnam to have the desired coast (shallow water) which is necessary to fix rafts for my purpose.

Another option is just to float in the middle of a gyrus. The so called ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ is one of them. The advantage could be a good supply of plastics to work with. Getting there and getting going would be a life decision, and doing it alone would be very hard. Involving others would require a solid plan, but there are unknowns. Unknown unknowns. I feel like exploring this for real though. What are your thoughts?