Pay to Play for Climate Politics

We are seeing a billion dollar campaign run for Donald Trump. His messages are always sponsored, and Koch (oil) industries is one of the major ones. The situation in the US is crazy, voters have to pay to help their candidate tell other voters to vote for them, at a huge cost. The US has only ~350 Million citizen and many of them can’t vote, so the money going around is insane.

Amount raised by candidates, so far: $2,887.4 million (source) that is 8,5 dollars per US citizen

Wouldn’t it work much better if voters would pay the candidate of choice directly? And if they made life for candidates they hated expensive.

The problem is the media channels and laws that dictate who can spead information. Maybe those laws are as imporant as the voting laws. Channels like Fox News that are conveniently placed and have attractors like sports content to lure people in and basically full their head with nonsense.

If we start a media channel online to vent the most popular opinions where people voted with their wallet all the time. You hear someone speak, you think “That makes sense” and then you pay for that person to speak some more. The channel just airs based on the financial status of the person, and money is used to make the channel attractive.

Would this work? Maybe because many smart people will fund science oriented people to speak the truth, and they would be heard. Now we hear mainly the banking and corporate interests and they block out other voices even if they have public support.