Why Banks Want You to Hate Billionairs

Many people are calling for the fleecing of Billionairs. They are precieved as unjust hoarders of money that should be distributed amongst the people. They are made suspect as if you can’t earn a billion no matter what you do. Bloomberg is a billionair and buying the election! We think there is a good reason for this sentiment, and it is not because people are hurt by them, but because banks don’t like them. They make the world unpredictable for them.

“Nobody earns a billion” is a common way to make billionairs seem suspect. But of course this then goes for any business owner who has employees.

First of, what is a billionair exactly? Seems like a stupid question, its supposed to be a guy with a billion dollars or more. Not quite, is the money in his/her company or in the bank in cash? Elon Musk owns a billion dollar valuated company, 35 Billion to be precies, but can he access all that cash? Does he have any other plans than make more cars and rockets? It is common knowledge he made a high risk bet on the growth of Tesla, which would if not met mean no reward for him after all the hard work (and all the people he gave an exciting job).

 “Those holdings may be difficult or even impossible for Musk to quickly sell for cash, meaning it’s quite possible that he could face a liquidity crunch.” (source)

But maybe Musk is a bad example. Michael Bloomberg’s empire is said to be worth $62 Billion. That is also the value if he sold it, but of course he won’t. He’s running for president now and seems to have a lot of cash to spend on media, his expertise.

But there are other billionair companies, the poorest of the top 100 has $98 Billion. Apple is worth about $800 Billion. They are not considered Billionairs as far as we know. Why focus on a few individuals that have more than a Billion to allocate or have companies with such value, and not on the other hundreds of them?

Banks fleece Billionairs all the time with exclusive services, they like to feel different and there is many ways banks will give them that experience

We think the reason there is no riot against Apple to share some of its wealth with society, but there is a riot against (known) rich individuals, is that the whole movement is orchestrated by banks. This is because banks fear billionairs. Billionairs don’t need banks. Just like with all the hate that is incited, against immigrants etc. the hate against billionairs has a different purpose, it is the mob helping the banks get rid of enemies.

Elon Musk had about 160 Million in cash around 2009 and decided to build an electric car. Electric cars where demonstratively destroyed earlier in the 20th century, they existed, they made the owners happy, but they did not use fossil fuels. They reduced cashflow for fossil fuels. That is why the did not exist. A workshop of an EV builder was mysteriously burned to the ground. EVs where not hip then, nobody believed in them but a few and Elon Musk.

Banks destroyed this car, It threatened their cashflow

The money Elon had earned he put in Tesla, and SpaceX, until almost all of it was gone and there was nothing left. He did not get any help from banks, but the banks could not stop him. NASA and Mercedes helpt Tesla survive in the last minute. He is now ripping apart the entire industry, with brands admitting they can never catch up, dumping internal combustion engines and so sunsetting vehicle fuel cashflow which is a steady business for banks, reducing the need for maintenance, lubrication, brake fluid, brakes, etc. etc.

If Elon Musk did not have that money in cash, he could not have done this. He would have been discouraged by banks. We have followed the renewable industry for more than a decade now and heard first hand stories about banks trying to kill projects that meant less energy cashflow, like a personally owned wind turbine.

Do fossil cashlfow banks kill alternatives for fossil fuel cars? Listen around 2 minutes 11 seconds!

If a billionair had the mind he could build a giant floating solar power plant in the middle of Holland, and suddenly he would be selling energy against Euro’s, he would not be in debt, he would earn and earn and elsewhere owners of power plants would see energy prices having dropped, cashflow through banks would dry up. It would destroy the system of control over society banks have.

Billions give power that can break through harmfull barriers

A company could probably not do that, because a company is loaded with debt to the max already, it competes with other companies that have done the same, all so banks can both control and profit from them, a lot like a parasite. You can say “Now wait a minute, banks do the complicated stuff”. But who made the stuff so complicated? Who designed the ‘credit default swaps’ and other products that caused the crash in 2008? The essence of what banks need is control, and they have an incredibly powerfull tool to excert it, which is the right to create credit.

Robert Mercer and his daughter funded Trumps fake news presidential campaign

Whereas companies are beholden to shareholders and continuation of bank loans, as well as ratings by ‘independent’ rating agencies, flat out billionairs are not. Technically they control a tremendous amount of resources which they can direct towards a specific goal. If those billions where spread out in the hands of say one million people, these people would spend it on predictable things, things that would be unlikely to change the situation for banks. Elon Musk spend all his millions on the cars and rockets (and SolarCity) and he needed to to get going. He seemed to have worked to the top of his capacity and this created a change in society car companies, oil companies, banks fought hard to avoid.

So we should cherish the millionairs and billionairs that can think for themselves and have freed themselves from the clutches of banks. There are evil ones as well, such as the Koch Brother (one left) and the Mercers (father and daughter who sponsored Trumps fake persidential campaign using illegal Facebook data). If billionairs are the target, then so must be billionair companies who evade taxes, and probably those first. However, banks don’t like you to distub their racket, so they want you to focus on those they have no use for or feel threatened by.

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