Climate Realization

What goes through the mind of a person that has experienced natural reality and has learned that it has hard limits. You can not hold a lighter under a match for long, it will burst into flames. You can’t sit in a pool of gasoline smoking a sigaret, you have to have a deathwish. We have had experiences of all kinds that teach us where the limits are in our behaviour and our environment. We respect those limits.

So we may know scientists. The problem is many people don’t, they don’t know that most scientist are very much aware of what is true and what isn’t. They are constantly checking, they don’t believe because they know reality can confuse them, they measure, check, measure the tool they use to measure, then measure 1000 times then say “Ï see that in 90% of cases the result is XYZ”. They are carefull, treat their topic as something of great value that resist being known. You have to empthize with them for taking that care, because they do it for the greater good they believe in, or because nature seems to tell them NO, and they want YES, or because it will cure people.. Money is usually one of the last things on their minds.

If you can follow and believe the following logic :

  • CO2 increases in the atmosphere
  • CO2 absorbs heat radiation
  • The Earth can no longer radiate out heat as much as it could
  • Heat builds up in ocean and atmosphere
  • The Earth warms
  • The average temperature rises
  • Life can only exist in a certain temperature range
  • Many parts of the planet will get too humid hot for life
  • Growing crops will become next to impossible
  • Survival for humanity will become next to impossible





What is a sane person to do? The halls of politics are populated by people that do not wish to give up any luxury, in fact they seem to strive for as much luxury in their own lives and are selling out anyone that doesn’t oppose them. Politics in Holland is largely disfunctional because it is run by corrupt people who seem to have lost hope.

The dream you have ambitions for in 20 years will not come true

A sane person with courage would give up anything that increase the problem, and if it was really impossible would find solutions to whatever still increases it, and then would start to fight it. Many people are sane in that respect. The larger part however is NOT.

Getting rid of economic forcing

The biggest obstacle that restricts us from action is our economic predicament, mainly, usually our obligation to pay for our mortgage and rent. We need to consider failing to do so just like happend in the sub-prime crisus in 2008. The bank does NOT need your mortgage money. There should be an undestanding that if you are willing to minimize your CO2 footprint and fight climate change, you are given title to live where you are now. The big risk is you can’t stay there because of the calamity. So you live for free but you serve the climate fight.

Stopping unnecessary CO2 emitting activities

You car a car tuning company? Stop it. You are a web design company? Stop it, You are a nail studio? Stop it. You are a holiday planing agency? Stop it. Stop activities that cause CO2 emissions, stop activities that are not needed. Big companies are not exempt. You sell sugary drinks? Your name is Coca Cola? Stop it!

This is where the topic of this post clashes with normal rule of law. Rule of law is undermined right now by the right pro-fossil demogogues.

Starting necessary activities

The necessary activities are performed by many companies at the moment, but the judgement of which company is doing good and which isn’t is not up to anyone trying to maximize economic value. There is very little true planning of emergency activities. There is talk of CCS and Hydrogen etc. but these are again delay strategies of the fossil fuel industry. Energy has to be allocated to finding out how to do things automatically, how to build the necessary robots, how to apply them to grow biomass where it is hard now, how to build cheap desalination mechamisms.

Patents are certainly in the way of wide adoption of beneficial ideas. There is a new way to fuse Hydrogen into Boron to generate energy, it could mean small safe fusion reactors, but the idea has been patented. There is a way to use Prussian Blue to make Potassium and Sodium batteries, they would be very cheap, but what happened is that a bunch of possibilities have been patented and you can’t really buy cheap Sodium or Potassium batteries. There needs to be a rule that bans patents on necessary technology.

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