Corona Exit

The Coronavirus is a challenge to the system, one we would never invite but which the globalized economy kind of did. Many have said it would not be a question if, but when this kind of disease would break out of some biological niche. Now it did, and the origin is still uncertain.

Across the globe we have seen right wing dominated goverments being reluctant to respond adequately to stop contamination. The main reason is that in these governments people that think money is more important than human lives are in charge. Industry does not care about your life, this is a fundamental thing to understand. If human lives are not a factor in the bottom line, that bottom line can drive a lethal machine, as we have seen in the case of tobacco, DDT, Glyphosate, fossil fuels..

Now that right wing politicians realize they can not hide behind walls to protect themselves, in fact, their job and their denial of its seriousness exposes them almost maximally to this disease, they have come around with more sensible measures. Still loopholes are left, like in the UK somehow people should still visit pubs. in other places schools remain open. In Romania people recieved the holy communion en masse in spite of a lockdown.

But the production of goods and services is now seriously impeded, not only the frolicking around consuming fossil fuels (flying to sunny destinations for example). Production needs to restart somehow. As that is done contamination has to be checked because the disease can resurge when people start mingling again. We have not yet seen proposals on how to do this.

It seems a good test for immunity needs to be developed, so that immune people can be identified. There are alot of them, and they can commune and interact without problems (as far as we understand the situation). Creating a large group of uninfectuous immune individuals was behind the botched choice for “Herd immunity” of Boris Johnson and also the dutch PM. “Herd immunity” has to be build up by carefully and stricktly seprating the most vulnerable from the rest, and this is not what happened in the UK, there the assumption was that everyone would become infected so no use to take measures. Johnson can blame Cummings but ultimately he suggested to “take it on the chin”.

But “Herd immunity” is a thing, and in many places, at the cost of lives, it is developing. We hope the disease doesn’t mutate as regular flu does. If it doesn’t then immune people can be “let loose” to work again. It makes sense to us to make a plan on how to do that, but maybe this is even overkill. The main steps are:

  1. Test people for immunity and certify them
  2. Allow groups of immune people to work together
  3. Keep separating the elderly and make strict rules on interaction
  4. Perhaps select immune people to deal with the elderly as a “shield”
  5. “Grow” uninfected communities around supermarkets or places they commune

One could look at “supermarket” communities in cities to test people. Great place to collect tests as well. Send an SMS code to people if they are tested which they can use to show they have been tested (rechallenge). A simple APP with photo id linked to the phone number will do.

It is shockingly clear that the industrially motivated policies that weakened the police, fire department, hospitals and care givers have increased the risk to the population, and those that drove these weakening policies are now known. Heads must roll. Also deep respect for those that are still risking their health because their work forces them to be close to infected people.

The economy has shown its true face, we don’t need to work for money, our debts don’t need to be payed, banks don’t contribute to society, as long as there is energy there is production of the essentials. Manual migrant labour shortages will become a problem and this calls for solidarity, we will need to work our own fields. Holland risks having to eat 7 times as much meat because of export restrictions (a joke of course), nobody will toil in the fields to produce for unnecessary exports. We hope some globalist aspects of the world economy will be reconsidered. We advise to prohibit any company to be affiliated or supply to customers beyond the real world horizon.

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