Nasa Scientist Claims Cold Fusion Is Real, Plant build in Greece

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Update 30 juni:

 Interview met Brian Josephson of Camebridge 

June 22: 

We are not really talking about cold fusion though, but about weak interaction. In february this year Rossi and Focardi at the University of Blogna demonstrated a ‘cold fusion reactor’ that was boiling water using Nickel and Hydrogen. They patented it in bad english outside the US.

Dennis Bushnell  of NASA explains what is going on in this inverview (evworld). Aparently the Widom Larsen theory of weak interaction provides a way for electrons and neutrons to interact in a way different from fusion (where two particles are being banged together to fuse). Here is a video about the theory.

We’re not an expert but here’s an explanationof what happens:

"Widom-Larsen theory explains how an electron and a proton (Hydrogen ion) could combine into slow neutrons plus neutrino in a fluctuating electric field. The slow neutron then recombines with other elements in the setup through a chain of nuclear reactions, ultimately resulting in Helium being produced

There are rumours of two plants being build, one in Greece, possibly in Xanthi by Defkalion Green Technologies, and one in the US.

"Our E-Cats are perfectly reproducible and their performance is standard. Out of 100 we guarantee that 100 respect the performance data. Should not be so we could not go deliver in Greece a 1 MW plant, made by 300 E-Cats.

"We are stress testing all the modules that will compound the 1 MW plant we are manufacturing. " (Rossi bron)

The basic E-Cat module was already put to good use  

"In past we used a module to heat our offices ( please see the Focardi-Rossi paper on the Journal of Nuclear Physics): we made it to make R&D, but also saved thousands of euros to heat our offices. Warm regards, A.R. (Rossi bron)

Now the basic ingredients of Nickel and Hydrogen cost energy to make. Nickel in particular. According to their won claims 100 gram of nickel was used to generate 10 thermal KW continuously for six months, this is about 43 MW. With an efficiency of 20 conversion into electricity this would mean 8 MW, but the value as heat might be much more important, as heating is 60% of our needs.

Nickel-58 is 49 ppm, the earth by that ration has 2,92736E+21 Tonns of it (a lot)

Disclaimer : This may still all be a buch of balony, but what do you expect out of Bologna? 😉 

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