Is Adaption of Microbial (and other life) to Climate Change a Myth?

This sentence caught our eye :

it “calls into question the resilience of the overall environment to climate change,”

It is from a piece about tests with soil microbes, where the microbes where placed in environments with properties they will endure in the future as a result of climate change. They didn’t do well.

“Researchers say that as the planet warms, essential diversity and function in the microbial world could be lost.”

This would be a diseaster because these microbes make plant life possible by making minerals bioavailable and by forming moisture and carbon retaining networks. It would mimic the death spiral of our oceans, where acidification and warming will make plant life all but impossible.

Stop being nice to those that push us further into the furnace

Another reason to not be patient with the fossil industry. Another reason to not allow economics to rule, but our desire to survive as a species, because surely the death of our soils makes it clear to all that that will not be possible without action.

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