A Serious Fossil Exit Strategy

Call it the #climatecharter

The COP21 Paris agreement is wanting for attention and enforcement. It is no surprise that’s very slow to arrive, because we live in a fossil credit economy. Most of our lifestyles are dependent on the use of fossil fuel, whether we are travel agent, car dealer, farmer or own a restaurant, it’s all still cheaper with fossil fuels. Banks depend on the fossil credit cashflow in order to take their cut of whatever is being traded, and to keep their power. This power is in a perpetual process of consolidation, now most notably by demonizing cash (while IT risks suggest they should do the opposite), since only when all carbon credit is virtual can you really control this system, and can you control everyone operating in it.

This can’t stand. we can’t survive this situation. We will be inundated, dried out, see our oceans die and turn toxic, and all the harzardous activities like nuclear and chemical plants will be insecure in a world trying to deal with catastrophy after catastrophy. To retreat is to lose this battle, we need to attack, and this requires us to sacrifice.

Our awe with the central banks, with the neat people of the oil companies, with all that is presented as ‘Big’ is misplaced and inappropriate. It is proof or our need for trust and be protected, because most of us are weak. We are weak when we are children, we are weak when we are old. We are weak because we are supposed to cooperate, and some that have turned this weakness in an agressive drive to protect themselves are not cooperating. Shell may be looking into wind energy like it’s a cadaver they will have to carry around. That type of lackluster smearing unenthousiasm is not going to cut it. We should not expect it. We should not wait for it.

Energy is a basic requirement for all of us. Soon we will see millions die because they can’t grow food, can’t access water, can’t make water with energy or trade something they make for that energy and water harvesting equipment. For some (and this is a controversial claim) this is an opportunity for eugenics and land grab. Less people less pollution. Once you accept that not humans are equal (like those in the fossil industry clearly do, as they protect their ‘lifestyle’ at the cost of the lives of billions of creatures today and in the future), all bets are off. You can calculate on a napkin exactly how much you need to lose. The cloud will provide the data, it’s what happend before in WOI, the Napoleontic wars, in every resource war, those that die are no longer a burden, those that live apparently earned it. This is the unempathic train of thought, one that we certainly not support, but that is certainly out there. It is a losing strategy because it prevents effective climate action.

A serious fossil exit strategy that does not involve war and catastrophy goes something like this : The US, China, Russia and the UN convene in Geneva or some other neutral place and decide that:

  1. Human rights of food, water and shelter are aknowledged and equal protection in all the regions is the starting point. Patents and other protections that prevent equal access will no longer be enforced.
  2. All fossil reserves will come under a central authority, including also Clathrate methane, Tundra methane (not considered fossil). oil, coal, gas and peet or high carbon containing soil like is found in the tropics.
  3. All non essential fossil requiring production processes will be halted for a period of ten years. This includes flights, cruises, production/use of fertilizer (phased out asap).
  4. Every region will get solar panel, solar thermal, wind turbine and battery factories. Geothermal well drilling will be provided for free, the fuels needed will be taken out of the reserves.
  5. Transition of essential production processes to renewables will be priority nr. 1. This includes the production of renewable energy sources.
  6. Renewables (floating wind and solar farms) will be exanded to our oceans to create artificial habitats (using deep ocean nutrients) which will be expanded to the largest possible size, providing food and storing carbon.
  7. All land is free for anyone who wants to work on using it without fossil input, sequestion carbon, planting forests. The use can be ‘Extraeconomic’ meaning not for trade, only for carbon sequestration and sustainance of the workers. For that purpuse renewable energy sources will be provided for free. Expansion into deserts and barren regions will be supported.
  8. Money is created by the tax office, and given in a fair part to whomever produces energy in the form of electricity, gas, food, depending on how much secondary production this energy will allow, and in a fair part to its civil servants/institutions. This way there is always exactly the right amount of money and there is no credit.
  9. The goal is to reduce atmospheric CO2, to eliminate CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions from human sources and preventable natural sources, To maximize the amount and variety of biomass on Earth.
  10. All armies protect this process. People that do work that is important for other people’s lives get rewarded in relative terms by the regional tax office.
  11. Local communities will be encouraged to create beauty and foster a variety of plants and animals as part of their culture and to ensure life offers evolution the widest variety of candidates.
  12. No change to this process untill CO2 drops below pre industrial levels.

This is what needs to happen. Also birth control and education, which will be much easier with VR and speech technlogy as it is now being developed. A lot of industry and industrial might will go away quickly if the above strategy is used, all the ‘Big’ corporations are protected by infinite amounts of fossil credit, and fossil credit will no longer be the property of banks to create at will. Doing the above will change a lot of lives, but it is necessary, because the economic process now expected to solve things will not, because it is fundamentally dependent on fossil fuels.

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