The GCPOA Pact

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How do we achieve the fastest phase out of fossil/co2 emitting fuels? By controlling the resources, by controlling the activities of the companies exploring, mining and trading the fuels.

How to achieve that control? By a multinational effort. Not a top down, but a bottom up one.

How to organize the effort? By creating a uniform declaration to be signed into law by anyone of any political party anywhere.

How does this work? The declaration subscribes the country to force submission of any fossil/CO2 emitting fuel related organizations and individuals and bringing them under the central global control described in the declaration. It means the creation of an international law.

How is it adopted? The public can pressure politicians into supporting the declaration, no matter what their political colour may be, and this can continue until it achieves a majority. It will be a single text around the world, no amendments can be made. It will oblige the forces of the country to act. Countries that have adopted the declaration can help others to do the same.

Do there need to be elections to do this? No, it can be done any time, the priority of the necessary law implementation can be prioritized over other plans just like laws are deprioritized and never implemented in politics.

As the process of drafing the law can be a way to stall the implementation, and claims can be made that the law has to be different in every country, adapted, watered down etc. etc. it will be a plainly worded law, for instance as per below.

Establishment of the Global Carbon Phase Out Authority.

1. No fossil/CO2 emitting fuels are allowed be traded, extracted, processed or distributed by private or public organizations other than the GCPOA.

2. Any organization trading extracting, processing or distributing fossil/CO2 emitting fuels will obey the directives of the GCPOA.

3. Administrative information of all fossil/CO2 emmiting fuel trading, extracting or processing, distribution companies will be public and shared with the global authority.

4. Any private ownership of fossil/CO2 emitting fuels will be immediately transferred under control of the GCPOA. No reserves of fossil/CO2 emitting fuels are allowed to exist outside the knowledge and control of the GCPOA.

5. The GCPOA will control and direct the use of fossil/CO2 emitting fuels to eliminate their use anywhere as soon as possible without causing war, famine or death.

6. The GCPOA will establish a ministry in every country it is given authority. This ministry will be populated by citizens appointed by established foreign GCPOA ministries or in the case it is the first, by the people elected by the legislators that introduced the law. This ministry has authority over all others. All conflicts can be resolved unilaterally by the GCPOA.

7. The GCPOA can anull in any law or contract established by any party to further it’s objectives. This includes patent and copyright law, financial contracts, derivatives, obligations, and contracts of ownership.

8. Only one set of statutes will govern the GCPOA in all countries that implement them.

9. Any authority that can directly establish GCPOA authority in a territory can bypass an elective process.

10. The GPCOA will work to make energy available from renewable resources where it is established of 200% of what is available from fossil/CO2 emitting resources at the time of the start of its authority. It will do this in cooperation with other GCPOA countries. When it has achieved that goal it will relinguish control.