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Datacenter Design Data centers that are now nearing their lifecycle have been developed in times when energy use and cooling was not yet on the radar. These datacenters may be set following a standard pattern that met the requirements of the day, but now increasingly prove to be set to loose. Where the airflow and tempratures in your datacenter seem out of wack, you may want to make a new assesment of the design. CFD, or Computational Fluid Dynamics is the tool to make the invisible flaws in your current desig visible. CFD modelling CFD is a computational modelling technique that simulates the behaviour of air and other materials as they interact in an environment. Space is divided into domains each with temperature, mass and impulse, and through the CFD calculations an assessment of the staedy state distributions of airflow, temperature and pressure can be reached. Use of CFD In a recent survey of end users, the Uptime Institute reported that 47% of those who used CFD used it to improve site infrastructure energy consumption. The CFD tool allows to accurately model temperature, airflow and pressure in and around the room, rack or even the individual server. All Datacenter consultancies use it in their design process.Airflow towards a CRAC unit. Determining optimal CRAC setpoints Each degree of cooling uses about 4% of the total energy used to cool. If your expenses are 20.000 Euro per annum and you allow temperatures to fluctuate in a 10 degree celsius range you can save up to 40% or 8.000 euro, without any investment. It is important to know whether the cooling that is being delivered is effective around the room, and this is where CFD modelling can help.

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