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Bambooya is a continent made from Bamboo. It floats in one of the gyri where ocean cuttents keep things in one place. It may be classified as a ship in which case it has a captain, and it’s own laws. You can become citizen of Bambooya and help make it a real destination.

The purpose of Bambooya is to store carbon from the atmosphere. This can be achieved by growing bamboo. In order to have free land to grow the bamboo an island is created out of bamboo. The thickness and size is arbitrary and limited by the growth speed and difficulty of cultivation on a floating raft.

The project can start near the Marshall islands, where bamboo for a mega raft can be grown on land. As soon as a raft has it’s own bamboo growing on it it can be unleashed and set adrift to the center of the gyrus. But there can be smart structure to the build so the raft provides excellent living.

– Growing bamboo requires fresh water and fertilizer, both are available in our oceans.
– The area in question is a dead zone with lots of plastic floating. These materials can be cleaned up as well
– On the raft one can grow saline plant species that can help buildit up.
– Ocean water is a rich source of nutrients that only need to be pumped up from the deep.
– Solar plants and other renewable energy installations like wind farms can become integrated in the raft.

The Bambooya concept is not related to seasteading, although seasteading can be integrated and people can live on the ‘lands’. Seasteding has been corrupted by the usual suspects :  High cost, judicial issues, scaring people into thinking it’s wild west and corporate invasion]]. Bambooya will be “Extraeconomical” in that it will not be an economic resource in it’s setup, it will generate land without a profit motive, because profit is only definable in the fossil fuel driven economy that causes the climate problem. All grown bamboo will be ‘reinvested’ into creation of new land and making the project work, as well as keeping the poeple invloved alive.

Legal system

Bambooya will have the same civil legal system as Holland. No business can be set up, there is only one administration. Inhabitants are employees and are kept to a minimum to maximize the carbon capturing effect. The intent is to run the expansion of the island and have a positive effect on climate and ecosystem. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afGejwdZ9_4 some ideas]]

Island design
Bambooya can have multiple types of units, all sized one hectare (100m x 100m). The units can be connected (in some cases deeply) to make up the big island mass needed to withstand the weather.

The island will be far enough above the waterline to allow a fresh water layer. This means its thickness is at least 1,2 meter, but more probably should be 3 meters. The land can be planted with bamboo, or other usefull crops.

Within a ring of thick island elements it may be possible to have thiner sections with a thickness of only 2 meters or even 1 or less, especially when bioplastics can be used to make a salt water seperation. These can be used to grow grass, light crops.

Low floating cages and exposed ocean surface, structural support

Low flaotring lines and exposed ocean surface, structural support

Dry floating mass of well inspected materials, with living quarters on top. Can be supplied by companies and integrated into the island.

‘fertilizer processing’
The ocean contains nutrients for plants deep down at about 200 meters. These nutrients can be extracted using seaweed, that can be dried and used as fertilizer on the agricultural units.

Chemical processing facilities, charcoal factories, seaweed processing units, biogas units, bamboo processing facilities. Can be based on existing steel vessels, or bamboo support, or concrete.

Island location
The ocean currents will take the island to one of the pacific Gyri, the so called ‘grabage patches’. That is where the island is illustrated in the image above. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pRy88R-4BI A lot of plastic is available there.]]




Types of Bamboo
You might get results out of [[http://www.bamboogarden.com/Phyllostachys%20aurea.htm Phyllostachys aurea]], [[http://www.bamboogarden.com/Pseudosasa%20japonica.html Pseudosasa japonica]], or [[http://www.bamboogarden.com/Semiarundinaria%20fastuosa.htm Semiarundinaria fastuosa]], but I’m really not sure how they’d do. Anna Bamboo Garden

bambu bamboes 竹 Bambus bambou במבוק bambù ไม้ไผ่

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