The Global Standdown III

Earlier we wrote about the carbon dependence of the war machine. We reason that as wars are fought over fossil fuels, using fossil fuels, there will be a point at wich world war or even a smaller war becomes unfeasible because both sides can predict they will run out of fuel, cause massive waste of fuel in the rebuilding process. It makes no sense pouring billions of resources into protecting your country if it is being hollowed out by a force you could actually fight effectively, energy, water, biosphere deterioration.

There is a reason why the military are so clear-headed about the climate threat, according to Professor John Schellnhuber, a scientist who briefed the UN security council on the issue in February and formerly advised the German chancellor, Angela Merkel. "The military do not deal with ideology. They cannot afford to: they are responsible for the lives of people and billions of pounds of investment in equipment,"

Now the UK once again stresses the suprapolitical nature of the climate threat. We see that not only is the fragility of our dependence on marginal fossil fuels an issue, but does it seem that climate migration and chaos will disturb world trade and economic interdependence. Globalization, only possible because of fossil fuels (why else would you haul billions of tons of container steal thousands of miles across the world to deliver toothbrushes), will break down, and it is better to make that a controlled process.

"Exterminate all the brutes!" (General Kurtz)

What J. Conrad seems to have meant was that the destrutive process will only end when we get rid of those that don’t care about lives.

Charlie Chaplin : "Brutes have risen to power.."

We think that it is better for the global armies to agree to fight the common enemy, not each other. The fight is not hopeless, in fact, when it is begun right now it will mean victory is certain. Like in a war, the fight is to live as humanity or die in chaos. Now we still have the order necessary. We know the Pentagon is on the same page as the German army as the UK army, as the UN, and all are securing an economic system that is straving from increasing carbon scarcity while supressing renewables to retain the carbon monopoly. Blindly striving for economic growth while knowing it primarily depends on burning fossil fuels that damage the survivability of all makes most governments qualify as insane, delusional, a risk to their population. 

Using renewables to fight climate change is the only possible way, but luckily that energy is thousands of times more abundant 

Don’t think in terms of fossil fuel resources, think in terms of renewable resources. Then you have 5900 times the fossil reserve available in solar power to change things for the better every single year. We can add wind, we can populate and use the oceans (70% of Eaths surface). It is a solveable problem but we need to sober up from our Ipads to get to the task. The focus has to shift from creating a global elite while creating and destroying a poor underclass to mobilizing all resources and potential to slow down and reverse the CO2 trend.

By working to protect life, we work to protect ourselves 

Money is not an issue once you move past it. This is what happens in war, you determine that hands can make weapons and you organize people to do that. They may get food and shelter, but certain things need to happen. Japan held on to this type of treatment of its own people long after WOII, on slave coal mining islands owned by Mitsubishi and other Supercompanies. We don’t have to see the same harmfull things happen today, because fighting climate change is about improving the ability of our planet to sustain life, growing, greening, not destroying and emaciating. The suffering we see is all because of fossil fuel interest protection.

Economic thinking creates vulnerability and dependency

An army would never choose to grow GMO food, it would never choose to require lots of chemicals, logistics and effort to get what it needs. The global economy incentivices just that. Complex processes with more individuals, especially when it comes to the easy part, shuffeling the money. The existence of an easy part and the use of fossil fuels actually making life very easy has warped our system into a top heavy wastefull destruction machine that is destoying us.

It would be an incredible day that the combined armies of the world announced they would institute a single rule of law to govern the end of war and start the climate fight, the fight for survival of humanity. It sounds grotesk, but what about "dead oceans" doesn’t? There will still be brutes that advocate first fighting and then rebuilding, they have no skin in the game. The single decision to fight climate change as humanity and do it with military ratio will make an enormous difference, and may even improve the lives of may by making it all make a lot more sense. 

"The Global Standdown or How each of us knows what it takes to be a Messiah"

"Global War Or Global Standown, and Roboeconomy"

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