Quantifying the rate of our extinction

This extrinction will have no name, at least not for those that will study it in about 4 million years or so, the time it usually takes for some sentient lifeform to recover from scourge of toxic gasses produced by oceans, dead because of global warming. It may take a lot longer.

"Climate change is expected to have significant influences on terrestrial biodiversity at all system levels, including species-level reductions in range size and abundance, especially amongst endemic species" (source)

But it is happening, and the numbers are not mild, even without assuming this H2S toxic onslaught. The higher temperatures and changing weather conditions are enough for a pretty serious cull. This then of course is not the end of it, just the beginning.

57±6% of plants and 34±7% of animals are likely to lose ≥50% of their present climatic range by the 2080s.(source)

On the other hand, if we take action the results will be different. We can’t read the full article but of course once we are focussed on mitigation and reversal of the damage (using abundant renewables and perhaps liquid energy produced using the sun in f.i. the North African desert), then the outcome will be much better:

With mitigation, however, losses are reduced by 60% if emissions peak in 2016 or 40% if emissions peak in 2030. (source)

We still don’t know if that will be the end or just a slowdown. We can confirm that with a will to expand renewables and store carbon we will see a pickup at the point renewable energy is starting to drive the expansion, theoretically enabling us to catch more CO2 then was ever released since the start of using fossil fuels.

Check out Greenseaupwelling about how to use the deep ocean water to increase fish stocks and capture CO2 and cool the atmosphere

Cooling our planet is a big factor in retaining plant life as long as we don’t have a way to make a concerted effort to exit carbon. Models of growing algae in our oceans show that method would work to catch significant amounts, but it’s main effect would lie in the cooling of the air, bennefitting plants on land.. 

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