Saving the Rainforest

Few people know that the governor of the Amazon region is also the owner of one of the big soy producers. It’s a diabolical combination of responsibilities, and below video shows it’s no accident soy farming is growing and the Amazon is eroding. We knew about forrest activist being shot (38 and counting), but companies spraying locals to punish them for objecting agains the land grab…

It all boils down to oil companies pushing for increased fossil fuel dependence, and as a result to increased control by those that control fossil fuel flows, whether it be oil, gas, tarsand, coal. It’s a domination strategy, something that has been openly admitted. But now it is killing our planet, including us :

  • Lost Amazon means less oxygen and release of CO2
  • End the nauseating wasting of Amazon species and slaughter of tribes 
  • Intensive farming causes soil carbon loss and is energy intensive
  • Long range logistics of soy means lots more CO2 and soot
  • Intensive farming using the soy again is a huge waste of energy compared to direct use of the soy.
  • Massive NH3 emissions, ruining ground water as well
  • Animal suffering is immense in the meat industry
  • NOx and Ozone emissions are detrimental to all life 

We know these big companies are infitrated to the highest office, especially in the US, also because it really is a way for the US to control countries. No country wants to suffer a famine as it loses access to fuel and chemicals and it’s land has become infertile from Monsanto practices (or some other big high tech agro company).

But soulles companies that make so many suffer and are contributing 18% of all global emissions have one weakness : If you demonlish them nobody will get hurt. If you take Monsanto apart it won’t hurt anyone it wil only benefit people. It will mean more variety and resilliance in crops, less CO2 and deaths from inseciticides and herbicides. A soulless company is but a system of replaceable roles, because otherwise it could not function. Farmers will be happier, food quality will improve. The Amazon may recover and the workers can be free to use technology in a way that doesn’t condemn humanity to an early global warming defeat.

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