Stratospheric Lofting as Way to Deploy Sun Shielding

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The story of the Windward Performance Perlan 2 glider is amazing, and tells of an intelligent and ambitious community getting a cool thing done. What its about is a phenomenon of winds driven up to unusal heights by mountain ranges. A glider pilot wondered if those winds could not be used to bring a glider up to incredible heights, and he actually succeeded (part way from the maximum achievable) in 2018.

The above video shows a look from inside the cockpit, its pressurized as the air pressure is only 3% of sea level pressure. Amazingly on this thin atmosphere its still possible to glide. Its unknown how long one can stay aloft or if its possble to return to the lifting airstream (it probably is).

The simple idea is to not try to loft people up but reflective materials, so large sheets of white reflective material, as part of some kind of swarn of gliders or parachute like devices. All with a simple controller. Their main job is to be carried up and stay there for a considerable amount of time.

Best would be if they where biodegradable, or fully recyclable, or could return themselves to the lofting airstream. That would (except for when the winds died) allow them to cast shade on the land below for a long time. This method of increasing Albedo or Managing Solar Radiation could help return moisture to the surface (cool clouds so it rains) but who knows it could be scaled up.

We need to reflect more sunlight back into space and the higher this is done the less in warms the atmosphere. If the atmosphere gets too hot winds will die but even then the rotation of the Earth and the inertia of air will cause it to flow against mountains. There is next to no discourse on solar radiaton management except in the super esoteric realm and to dismiss it.

We need to openly discusse these kind of ideas and try some out. The undeveloped world is not necessarily a victim of climate change as one can make highly reflective materials with biomass. To the point of flying shading devices, if you know of any initiatives send a message to @climatebabes at or