Social Energy Management

There’s no way around sounding sexist in this post. There is a clear difference between typical men and women. This is not to say that either is exclusively one way or another, this is a trap we are being pushed into to drive discussions and arguments online and in the media. The brains of women are different from those of men, this is a scientific fact. But they are still so much alike that it is not super easy to detect. The bodies are obviously different after puberty. The mind of course will adapt to the body it is in.

There is a lot to say about the mind, but from my research I concluded that it has to work with what it has, the body it is in, the environment. This determines if it is more or less ambitious. This determines whether it tries things or not. To try to condense it : The neuromodulation associated with holding on to a thing and letting go of it (dominant vs submissive) is regulated based on succes. If you are aggressive and succesfull, you become more aggressive, if you are submissive and succesfull you become more submissive. This dynamic works between all humans, men vs men, women vs women, men vs women etc.

Also this does not mean you become more aggressive if you have success with it, just that you -can- become more aggressive. To explain aggression is taking a step in the dark, into the unkown. If you challenge an opponent or dive into a dangerous situation you do not know the outcome of your action. You simply ignore the risks. Upregulating aggression without experience (so through diet with testosteron for example) leads to unwarranted aggression, because even if you are aggressive you can be prudent. The up and down regulation can lead to high flexible non aggressive behavior, but it can also lead to paralyzed submissiveness (where aggression is so much down regulated you can’t initiate behavior) and depression.

When we are weak and submissive we can always talk. We seek to talk. Talking, making sound, is partially engaging the same instincts as crying. A baby that can’t talk cries. It is drawing attention to yourself, which is unwise in most natural environments. Being in a conversation is being in a safe place, unless of course the conversation indicates its own end or transition into some physical altercation. In short having a converstation is safe, comfortable and in principle submissive. Because many women have been intimidated in life and are relative submissive, a conversation is feminine. The energy of a conversation is completely different from the energy of a fight.

Most behavior does not require talking. Most work in industry is silent. Its not supposed to because talking usually means something needs to change. In the mean time people know their tasks and try to perform them as well as possible. Most information intensive systems where human conversation is important get automated quickly. Still there are many jobs where talking is all important. This is fine as long as one can talk some real action into happening. If I order a pizza its talking people into a deal that results in their action. But if I am protesting the slaughter of Gazan’s nothing happens with my words, they get blown away in the wind.

The point of this post is to argue that the media try to make us think and discuss matters that we have very little power over. This puts us in a submissive attitude. We are often unhappy about something we really have no influence over. This means we are unable to effect real change in our lives. We have the option to work and complain like this, and most other options are blocked off. We are allowed to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, the bridge is only accessible for very predictable and reliable allies of the economistic system. They don’t talk about it, they do what they do without offering it up for discussion.

From the above you could conclude that nearly all topics that are offered up for your consideration via the media are distractions. They both make you not think about what is important, and they put you in a mindset that is submissive. This can reach the point where you become anxious and depressed. Social media basically earn their keep by doing this to you, unless you use them strictly for your own ends, limited to actuall usefull learning and orienting in the world. For that you need to want something, which you don’t if you worry about things you can’t control.