Death March To The Arctic, or CarbonVampires Sucking The Life Out of Earth

Gas convoy, seeking death for humanity, "just because we can". Solar, able to completely replace our energy needs several thousands of times, is like sunlight to these vampires. Omg, it IS sunlight!

The grim procession of ships towards our Arctic is nothing less than a death march for humanity. It is well known amongst oil and gas experts that getting more gas from the deep ocean will seal our fate, as you’ll see from the quote below (coming from a Statoil forum expert) 

"If care is not observed it could wipe the entire human race off this planet" 

Of course the qualifier "If care is not observed" is fantasy, the whole enterprise is a psychotic failure of care or sanity. Like a Leopard tank crew pretending not being aware of what mahem they bring to their enemy "We push this button with great care and a loud bang occurs, then we hope for the best".

Can we stop this tank? 

A clean and well organized office to work from (killing people, yes, there’s that..)..but with great care! 

What you get from the Arctic is like what you get from drilling a hole in a gas canister. We saw many days of struggle to cap the well of the Deepwater Horizon. This time the well consists of gas lying about on the ocean floor ready to escape (with may times the effect of CO2). Global warming is melting the canister, and burning gas speeds up that process. It is at the same time Genocide and Geocide because life can not deal with this temperature upswing. Read below how control delusional people can be. 

Commenter has worked with companies shown.. 

Like it took some time for electric chair and guillotine manufacturers to stop pushing them and finding uses for them (selling them as thrones in Africa) the morbid trade of carbon exploration and extraction desperately needs a clear wake up call. No matter how long you smoked, quitting is an improvement. We need to stop seeing these vampires as anything less than a threat to our existence. They might as wel drill to arsenic, carcinogens or radioactive dust in you backyard. In fact, that is what they DO!

Statoil/Rosneft, het doek valt voor de mensheid 

Groen gas? 

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