Greencheck #23Solutions 23 plossingen voor het Klimaatprobleem

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#23 Solutions presenteert 23 oplossingen voor het klimaat probleem. Gebruik het nummer systeem als je er over blogt, zodat mensen er makkelijker informatie over kunnen vinden. Het zijn praktische oplossingen die tegelijk het klimaatprobleem bestrijden en ons over doen gaan op de schone welvaart. 

1. Albedo versterking #23Solutions01

Albedo is het percentage reflectie van de aarde. Ijs en sneeuw en zout hebben een zeer hoge albedo. De koelende effecten van hoge albedo zijn absoluut, de zonneenergie wordt teruggestraald de ruimte in.

Ze zijn ook redelijk plaatselijk. Koeling is echter van groot belang omdat planten niet goed tegen veranderende temperaturen kunnen, deste koeler deste minder kans op droogte. We moeten werken aan duurzaam geproduceerde eenvoudige manieren om de albedo te verhogen. Met name op de polen is dat van groot belang. Omdat de koelte daar zeer slen aan het afnemen is (12 graden verschil de afgelopen jaren). De koude aan de polen is essentieel voor belangrijke zeestromen.

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2. Geconcentreerde Zonlicht #23Solutions02

Door zonlicht te concentreren kunnen zeer hoge temperaturen worden bereikt. Hiermee kan stoom en electriciteit mee worden opgewekt, maar ook chemische processen ‘aangedreven’. De techniek is zeer eenvoudig. Gebruik van plastic lenzen en zilver spiegels of membranen om zonlicht te focussen is al eeuwen bekend.

De potentie van CSP is zo enorm dat een klein stukje woestijn genoeg is om de hele wereld van energie te voorzien. Toepassingen zijn oa het genereren van methaan en het opladen van zink lucht batterijen. 

3. Heliostats and Solar Trackers #23Solutions03

Heliostats are usefull for CSP (concentrated solar power), solar towers but also for home heating and lighting, adding extra windows and sending sunshine to the north side of your house! We have developed an accurate 2 axis control system that can match professional systems at a fraction of the cost.

Solar trackers can increase the productivity of your PV system up to 38%.

4. Solar Air Heating and Heat Storage #23Solutions04

Solar air heating is a low tech way to heat homes. You are basically adding windows without the thermal loss. Make your walls store heat and you’ll use less gas.

5. Sustainable Battery Technology #23Solutions05

Nickel Iron batteries are the best battery solution. No patents, non acidic, super durable and 100% recyclable. They combine with carbon to create ultracapcitors, quick low loss storage devices, they open a road to large scale low cost hydrogen storage and low cost ultracapacitors.

6. Wheelhub Car Electrification #23Solutions06

The quickest way to convert a car to electric is by changing the wheels to electric ones and replacing the engine by a power block. 

7. Home Solar Thermal Applications #23Solutions07

You can cook, roast melt and even laser with sunlight. Smart solutions mean less gas use and less emissions.

Cerns ultra high vacuum panels 

8. Unconventional Wind #23Solutions08

Wind can be used in many more ways than to just generate electricity. It’s often cheaper to do so than to take the electric detour.

9. The New Steel #23Solutions09

We need a building material that is zero carbon, versatile and unlimited. It has to be costless as well. We have identified it.

10. Bamboo Oceans #23Solutions10

Floating bamboo islands can cover the pacific gyri and do organic CCS on a massive scale . They will be tropical islands you can travel between and live on. Reserve your spot! The uses of bamboo in itself are miriad, and it also grows very quickly. Salt water varieties exist, but it is not difficult to create a freshwater environment on a floating organic raft, the size of which can prevent it from being damaged by storms. Then again use of them in regions without to much storm is the best option.

11. (Vacuum) Insulation #23Solutions11

Vacuum insulation can be cheap and extremely effective. It’s vacuum, nothing. That stops heat transmission. Radiation shielding is another great method. In combination they can prevent heat loss or heat entering with great efficiency. You can have laminated glass with vacuum, special panels made out of foamy stone sealed in aluminium foil, but also solar thermal boxes with nothing, locking in heat as it enters, like in the linked below.

Ultra High Vacuum Solar Thermal Panels

12. Air Quality Monitoring #23Solutions12

Using your pc and a device we are developing you can be a air quality measurement node in a global network.

13. NH3 Fuel and Fertilizer from renewables #23Solutions13

NH3 is a diesel like fuel that burns into N2 and H20, 100% clean. You can make it using electricity, the plants can be bought commercially. We want to rais awareness for this clean ozone, CO2 and VOC free fuel we can make in limitless quantities with sunlight. 

Link NH3 Fuel Association Freedom fertilizer

14. Ocean Evaporation Enhancement #23Solutions14

Strategic evaporation of ocean water can bring rain to deserts and increase organic carbon cature. Flooding of salt deserts can have equal benificial effect. Generating coulds before they form spontaneously will prevent damaging storms and freak weather events and can contribute to the necessary global cooling.

15. Local Monetary Control #23Solutions15

The website houses a barter system allowing anyone to create certificates of ownership, tradable online and usable for barter like real money.

16. Direct Democracy #23Solutions16

Direct democracy is the best option to weed out all the carbon interests, which include companies competing for market share (all going into debt with the bank). is a direct democracy model site. Questions are asked and suggestions are voted on, best suggestion at deadline is the winner.

17. Unconventional Desalination #23Solutions17

A lesser known but efficient way to desalinate water using renewable energy. Two methods, one solar one wind driven are known that are not being used but are actually more efficient than RO or flash evaportation methods.

18. Deep Ocean Fertilization #23Solutions18

Using a autonomous floating device to oxgenize and feed the ocean by mixing surface and deep water. Oceans are a rich potential source of nutrients and energy, plans are ready, but we need to act quick because warming and acidification will reduce algae growth significantly within the next century

19. Dedesertification and Reforestation #23Solutions19

With indiginous plants in the right combination life can be helpt gain a foothold on deserts again. Plants and trees create microclimates and hold water to allow more life to come in. This is one example where you can start with nothing and end up with paradise. 

20. Organic Farming #23Solutions20

The productivity of organic farming is equal to GMO intensive farming. The only reason for the latter is dependence of the farmer, so he does not become a political force. Too bad, farmers have the best ideas and vision.

21. Vegetarianism #23Solutions21

Humans can do without meat. The carbon and water investment in meat could be directed elsewhere, and bad air pollution like ozone which damages crops could be avoided.  

22. Owning the Fossil Fuel and Hydrocarbon Reserves #23Solutions22 

Oil is like a sword. Someone got to it first and uses it to keep it. We need to take it and use it for our own protection, which may mean not use it at all.

We may consider ourself to suffer from organized crime, and to much respect for the bribing and coopting of high culture by an industry based on decomposition of life. Central public ownership can make the transition to renewables a breeze.

23. Making Renewables with Renewables #23Solutions23 

The key to exploding access to renewable energy is removing the production limit. One of the factors is energy, fossil fuel energy. Making renewable energy sources with renewable energy will mean unlimited capacity.  

One example is to refine silicon with solar thermal energy, this is possible and saves 2/3rds of the energy in makeing solar grade silicon.

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